Do you believe that your website is impenetrable and secure? If yes, then Hurry up and take up Array’s Challenge to claim your iPhone before 10th December 2018

November 16, 2018

  • The Web Vulnerability Scanning Challenge – by Array Networks – calls on companies to scan their website and check if there are any notorious vulnerabilities existing, if not stand a chance to win an iPhone
  • Array provides a whole new approach to security by making businesses smart, agile and more context-aware against the sophisticated web-based threats.

Array Networks,Inc., the network functions platform company, today announced a challenge where companies need to scrutinize their website and proof that they are future-ready and don’t have a loophole in the business environment.

We are not saying that your websites is not secure; but what if it’s really not? Are you ready to face the consequences? What happened in Equifax breach we wouldn’t want that to happen again? We are here to make you stronger & secure. So take up the challenge and let us know how secure you are. Look forward for more and more entries“, says Array Networks.

Why Array initiated this challenge? 

Importance of Web Vulnerability Scanning

Since the dawn of the internet age, every year we witness some new kind of disturbing security breach making headlines. If we look back, there were multiple security outbreaks like WannaCry, NotPetya, GitHub and of course Equifax breach which ended up compromising a nearly 150 million American’s personal data. The number and type of malicious attacks and digital security threats will continue to increase, creating a daunting challenge for companies and IT experts responsible for defending the infrastructure.

In the past, we have witnessed that not only the sheer volume of threats has increased, but the threat landscape has also become more divergent, making attackers opt for new avenues of attack which are yet to discover. Recent notorious vulnerabilities include the heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL, multiple high-risk vulnerabilities in Apache Struts2, and Shellshock vulnerability. By this challenge, Array wants to ensure that these vulnerabilities don’t exist in website.

How to win an iPhone –

Step 1: Click here to register, and start your scan!

Step 2: If no vulnerabilities are detected, submit the scan report to <> and stand a chance to ‘win an iPhone’

What Experts need to say on Web Vulnerability?

We live in a connected world. With trends like IoT, cloud, etc., enterprises are finding it increasingly difficult to protect themselves from threats coming from multiple channels and devices. We are evolving and so does hackers. I mean, some of the new generation hackers use evasion techniques like dynamic or random port numbers or application emulation, which poses an even greater challenge for enterprises,” says Shibu Paul, Regional Director (APAC) at Array Networks.

With increasing number of users accessing web applications on a daily basis, intentional or unintentional leakage of information has become a major concern for enterprises. Last year, we saw a sudden spurt in the data breach incidents, with almost 70% attacks happening through web-based apps or email. The attacks were also of a much larger scale both in terms of complexity and extent of damage,” Vinod Pisharody, CTO at Array Networks.

Once an organization’s network or website is compromised, it can take weeks, months, or longer to detect the malware in the network causing the organization to lose valuable data and on the other hand risking financial and reputation damage,” adds Mr. Pisharody. 

Detect, Investigate and Identify malicious activity

To combat security breaches, enterprise requires advanced security solutions that can adapt to advanced threats and continuously changing business demands. Being dependent on simple monitoring and traditional security tools is no longer enough. Security experts need broader insights which can be provided by security threat intelligence.

Security intelligence tools are not here to replace existing security controls and applications, but rather to complement them.”

Terms and Conditions

  1. Scan must be activated before 1 December, 2018.
  2. Scan must be completed and submitted before 10 December, 2018.
  3. Only one scan allowed per company.
  4. If you are an SI or MSSP, you can submit as many as possible, limited to one scan per company.
  5. All completed submissions will stand a chance to win an iPhone.
  6. Last date for submissions is 10 December, 2018.
  7. Array will have the final discretion and decision on any dispute that arises.

*in partnership with NSFOCUS, a leader in holistic hybrid security solutions


Crayon Software Experts appointed as a Value Added Distributor for AWS Cloud in India

November 14, 2018

As a Value Added Distributor, Crayon Software Experts will help accelerate and grow access to the AWS Cloud in India, and create customized technology and training services for customers

MUMBAI, India – November 14, 2018 – Crayon Software Experts, a leading global software and cloud expert, has been authorised as a Value Added Distributor (VAD) for Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud) in India. Crayon has been working with AWS Cloud to help customers purchase, manage and evolve their IT solutions by offering strategic advice, as well as managed consulting services. The relationship will help accelerate and grow Crayon’s footprint in India, and also drive traction in key priorities areas, including building and facilitating AWS Cloud adoption in Tier 1 and Tier 2 enterprises across the country.

Crayon will also focus on on-boarding hosting partners, value added resellers (VARs), and local ISVs, and help drive coverage and scale in the mid-market space, predominantly comprising of small and medium businesses (SMBs).

Crayon will also leverage AWS Cloud to offer a comprehensive range of Software Asset Management (SAM) and cloud licensing consulting solutions to customers. Crayon will support and assist customers by recommending the right solutions aligned to their business requirements.

Building on the relationship with AWS Cloud, Crayon also helps customers fully support and optimise their ROI on their software investments. Crayon is known for building flexible, scalable, reliable, and sophisticated applications in the cloud by creating an invaluable and bespoke blend of technology and training services for clients.

Crayon also provides add-on services, namely Crayon Cloud-iQ and support for AWS Cloud to ensure that customers completely leverage the benefits of the cloud.

  • Cloud-iQ

  Safe, Secure, Protected and Agile!

Cloud-iQ, a smart and intelligent cloud solution, provides an unrivalled overview of cloud services, which can be customized and augmented to suit an organization’s unique requirements. It helps to manage the cloud state and provides efficient workflow management.

Crayon ensures that organizations have more time to focus on their business and spares them from complex tasks. Crayon designs and delivers unique routes to cloud customers by combining IP and services together with leading cloud technologies to create an ideal cloud topology.


  • AWS Cloud Support program

  Helping customers throughout their cloud journey!

This program is meant to help customers in every way possible. Initially, Crayon helps and supports customers with setting up their AWS Cloud accounts, billing and payment. Crayon offers initial on-boarding and activation of AWS Cloud. The company also provides guidance on how to correctly activate AWS Cloud services and support for the administration of subscriptions within AWS Cloud.

We expect this collaboration to continue and strengthen the results our clients require. Our collaboration with AWS Cloud for their services are adaptive to our clients’ needs and brings distinctive value across diverse technology, providing effective, and adaptive solutions along with consultancy services and maintenance,” said Vikas Bhonsle, CEO at Crayon Software Experts India.

Crayon also helps customers with subscription management, investment analysis, concept development, local workshops and managed services.

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About Crayon

Crayon, global leader in IT and digital transformation services and the largest independent ‘cloud economics’ practice, strongly believe in “Pay-per-usage” model — organizations must pay for the IT resources they actually need. Crayon is the most reliable and a trusted technical advisor for many of the world’s leading organizations. Through unique people, tools and systems, the company ensures the best ROI from complex technology investments.

Crayon — specialists in Software Volume Licensing, Cloud Analytics and Associated Consulting Services, is headquartered in Oslo, Norway with offices around the world. For more information, visit:

NetRack Records 20% YoY Growth; Targets 40% Growth this Year

November 13, 2018

  • NetRack’s H1 growth fuelled by its well spread channel network and continuous innovation of product line
  • Plans on the table to increase the head count in Marketing, Sales & Support

BENGALURU, India – November 13, 2018 – NetRack, a leading solution provider for data centers and end-to-end IT server racks, recorded a colossal 20% YoY growth. With its vast understanding of the competitive Indian datacenter market and experienced workforce, NetRack has secured this growth from verticals such as IT, BFSI and emerging enterprises businesses. Targeting 40% growth for this year, NetRack’s concentration has been on advanced technology, cooling products and providing complete solutions to customers.

NetRack has been looking at providing complete solution for futuristic smart datacenter infrastructure and racks which would include cooling, PDCs and DCM solutions. NetRack will soon get new line of products into India supporting these efforts. With these solutions coming in place and introduce new technologies in building cooling solutions for datacenter, NetRack plans to attract huge business from different verticals.

NetRack has been succeeding in the market for almost two decades with the main principle -understanding and serving the client with industry rich products. The results in H1 2018 so far have been great, showing our ability in serving businesses even during the ever-changing market conditions. Steps taken by us in introducing Air flow management initiatives and Intelligent cooling solutions for data center racks & server rooms played a crucial role in our business development, which has created a strong foot print in the enterprise data center segment“, said Mr Ravi Raj, Brand Head, Director, Sales & Support at NetRack.

He further added, “We at NetRack always sketch down robust work strategies to achieve our future focused targets. We have planned to make presence in International markets by setting up new offices for specific countries. Overall ideology of this expansion is to make extensive brand visibility and strong empathy among our international clients.”

Laying the roadmap to penetrate into untapped zones, NetRack is focused on building strong partner ecosystem across India and overseas. It has designed an approach to deal with the emerging Modular Data Center requirements among enterprises. Capturing the government vertical is the main agenda for FY 2019. To address and accommodate these plans, NetRack is expanding its workforce on the marketing, sales & support front.

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About NetRack

NetRack Enclosures foresees itself as a single window solutions provider for all data, network and server related concerns. NetRack’s mission is to deliver time bound quality products that are superiorly designed and precision engineered to perfection, to help the customers overcome their constraints while enabling scalability and increased performance at a reduced cost. NetRack guarantees to offer its clients good customer support services for problem solving and better relations.

Improved customer relations, employee welfare and transformation at all levels to achieve more than what they have achieved so far. The company wishes to upgrade itself through research and development of newer technologies for enhanced performance, scalability and cost effective products to cut costs to the customer. To know more, please visit

Are we ready to face complexity of modern enterprise cloud environments? 74% of CIOs fear IoT performance problems

November 13, 2018

Over two-thirds of CIOs say IoT will become a major burden as IoT multiplies the complexity of enterprise cloud ecosystems. And could derail operations thereby significantly damaging revenues

Dynatrace, Software intelligence company, today announced the findings of an independent global survey of 800 CIOs, which reveals that nearly three-quarters (74%) of IT leaders are concerned that Internet of Things (IoT) performance problems could directly impact business operations and significantly damage revenues.

This is mostly because 78% of CIOs said there is a risk that their organization will roll-out IoT strategies without having a plan or solution in place to manage the performance of the complex cloud ecosystems that underpin IoT rollouts. In fact, 69% of CIOs predicted that IoT will become a major performance management burden as they struggle to overcome the escalating complexity of their modern enterprise cloud environments.

Businesses across every industry are eagerly exploring IoT’s potential to engage new markets, drive new revenue and create stronger competitive advantage,” said Dave Anderson, Digital Performance Expert at Dynatrace. “However, IoT ecosystems and delivery chains are intricate and boundless, which creates unprecedented frequency of change, size and complexity in the cloud environments on which they are built. Enterprises are already struggling to master cloud complexity and now IOT substantially magnifies this challenge.

Praveen Mahajan, Regional Director India, Dynatrace said, “The report doesn’t include the Indian CIOs views on the complexities of IoT. But that doesn’t mean that India is not leveraging cloud services and is untouched with these complexities. With a lot of initiatives around Digital India, we are already picking up the pace at a much higher rate than any other country. SaaS has already made its roads in India. According to a study by IDC, India stands at 3rd rank on the list of Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) in spending on public cloud services.

Overcoming the Complexity of Web-Scale IoT Applications

The report looks at the challenges organizations face in maintaining seamless software experiences as they continue to roll-out IoT ecosystems.

Key findings include (Out of 800 CIOs):

  • The scale of IoT is just too big to manage in a traditional way:

73% worry that the number of third-parties and internal resources involved in IoT service delivery chains will make it incredibly difficult to identify who is responsible when performance problems arise

52% say understanding the impact that IoT platform providers and network operators have on performance is a key challenge in managing user experience in IoT

75% are concerned that problems within the platform or network layer could be hidden from them by an IoT service provider; impacting the performance of their applications

  • It’s impossible to master IoT complexity manually:

84% believe that AI capabilities and the ability to automate most of the processes that support IoT deployments will play a crucial role in the success of their IoT strategies

  • IoT is losing its ability to meet user expectations:

70% worry that consumer and user expectations for faster, fault free experiences could soon increase beyond what IT teams are able to deliver

69% fear losing control over the user experience as the IoT delivery chain continues to become more convoluted

64% are worried that the spiraling numbers of wearables could soon make it impossible to manage mobile performance for such devices

  • IoT creates new user experience headaches, including:

Ensuring that IoT device firmware updates and security patches don’t have a negative performance impact (62%)

Having the ability to track application behaviour on IoT devices as they interact with cloud services (60%)

Understanding the impact of IoT device performance on the user-experience (53%)

Mapping the rapidly growing IoT ecosystem as it expands (38%)

With so many digital transformations coming in, the Indian enterprise market is very receptive to new technologies that provide strategic business advantages. But are we fully prepared to utilise it? How to overcome the challenges of maintaining seamless software experience. Looking at the challenges, organizations need to think beyond traditional monitoring approach. What they need is a software intelligence platform that works at scale and simplifies IoT cloud complexity. In addition, it must provide full operational insights into vast ecosystems of IoT sensors, devices, gateways, applications and underlying infrastructure. With answers at their fingertips, rather than just more data on glass, organizations can leverage the benefits that IOT technologies have to offer,” adds Mr. Mahajan.

To download the global CIO report called “Overcoming the Complexity of Web-Scale IoT Applications: The Top 5 Challenges” please visit

ATEN India Showcases its World Class Products for CIOs at DCD Enterprise 2018

November 12, 2018

The products, displayed at the event in Mumbai, India, were targeted at CIOs and IT managers who were facing difficulty in managing security, control, and collaboration for their data centers and control rooms.

MUMBAI, India – November 12, 2018 – ATEN India, the Liaison Office of ATEN International, exhibited it’s most promising data center infrastructure management products and solutions for CIOs at the DCD enterprise 2018 event. The event was held at the St. Regis, Mumbai, on October 25, 2018. ATEN’s products and solutions were targeted at CIOs that were facing difficulty in managing security, control, and collaboration for their data centers and control rooms. ATEN showcased its latest technology solutions for securing data center connectivity and facilitating centralized management.

For ATEN India stock images click here

ATEN displayed its latest data center infrastructure management products in action. It also showed the operational working of few of the software products including Centralized Management Software CC2000, KE Matrix Management Software CCKM, DCIM, Video Session Recording Software CCVSR, etc.

ATEN’s booth was the most engaged showcase at the event and attracted 120 CXO’s and technical heads to visit the booth in a single day. ATEN India’s management team touched upon a few important topics, such as data access management, Network Operations Center (NOC), Security Operations Center (SOC) security collaboration, data center infrastructure management, and centralized monitoring, all of which were of great interest to the guests at the booth.

Sunayana Hazarika, Marketing and Brand Manager at ATEN India, said, “We had the right solution displayed at the event, which attracted many CXOs and VIPs to our booth. Visitors at the booth appreciated the knowledge of our team on upcoming trends in secured connectivity, centralized monitoring, optimized energy usage, and seamless collaboration space. The event provided a good platform to interact and build relationships with our target audience. ”

# # #

About ATEN India

ATEN India is the liaison office of ATEN International Co., Ltd., the leading provider of AV/IT connectivity and management solutions. Offering integrated KVM, Professional Audiovisual, and Intelligent Power solutions, ATEN products connect, manage, and optimize electronics in corporate, government, industrial, educational, and retail environments. ATEN has 579+ issued international patents and a global R&D team that produces a constant stream of innovative solutions, resulting in a comprehensive portfolio of products available worldwide.

At the forefront of the seamless integration of A/V with IT, ATEN’s advanced ability to quickly develop customized solutions in KVM, Pro AV, PDU,USB, and data communication lines allows the company to build products that connect, manage, and optimize electronics based on customer need. ATEN’s comprehensive portfolio of innovative, reliable products is available worldwide, with local India support.

For more information, visit: and follow ATEN India on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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