Aashna Expands Cloud Portfolio to Boost Employee Productivity

Introduces three products that enable enterprises to significantly ramp up their capabilities in terms of storage, security and collaboration

MUMBAI, India – February 19, 2015 – Aashna Cloudtech, which is the first of its kind Cloud Service Broker (CSB) in the country, has announced the addition of three new products to its cloud portfolio, namely: BOX, DocuSign and Google Apps for Business. While BOX enables enterprises to enhance their existing storage capacity, DocuSign is an electronic signature solution that provides flexibility in signing and managing business documents from anywhere. Google Apps for Business provides a range of enterprise-focused apps that enable better collaboration and faster processing. Together these solutions can provide a substantial boost to the productivity and performance of employees.

Aashna has been continuously working at expanding its portfolio of cloud services to be able to address the evolving needs of business organizations. Aashna’s CSB approach to cloud delivery is fast gaining popularity among customers as it allows effective aggregation of multiple cloud services, integrating them with in-house apps, supporting and customizing them for proper usage within the organization. The addition of these three products will further strengthen Aashna’s cloud offerings and give its customers more options to choose from.

Mr Biswas Nair, Managing Director at Aashna Cloudtech said, “With constantly changing market demands, enterprises are always under pressure to deliver more at a much faster pace. We want to provide our customers a comprehensive range of cloud services and serve as a one stop shop for all their business requirements. With these new products added to our portfolio, we are in a much stronger position to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

The company has been striving to serve as a single point of contact for enterprises looking at moving on to a cloud-based infrastructure. The cost effectiveness and ease of adoption of cloud-based applications is attracting many organizations to adopt the CSB model that Aashna offers. According to Gartner, 30% enterprises have adopted a cloud service broker and going forward CSBs are going to dominate the cloud market.

Mr Nair added, “Instead of a multi-vendor approach, many organizations are now showing preference for a single service provider who can cater to all their requirements. This not only proves more cost effective but also saves them the trouble of having to negotiate with different companies for different needs.”

The Cloud application portfolio of Aashna Cloudtech includes NetSuite, Silkroad, Google Apps and Workforce Software etc. Aashna successfully caters to more than 300 customers across the globe through its multiple offices in India, Dubai, US and Canada.

In Addition, Aashna has developed a set of localized cloud apps in areas like Payroll, Taxation & Mobility to meet client and regulatory requirements. With a consultant base of over 100, Aashna has the capabilities to add real value to global organizations as it provides real-time business intelligence, accelerates business processes and reduces IT costs.

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About Aashna Cloudtech

Aashna Group is a Technology Advisory and Consulting company with focus on Cloud & Mobility respectively through Aashna Cloudtech and Veloziti entities. Aashna Cloudtech part of Aashna Group is a specialized Cloud Technology services company, providing leading edge Cloud solutions to global business around the world.  With more than 300+ successful Cloud implementations experience our professionals bring unrivaled rich 10 years plus experience in Cloud execution models through strategy, implementation & consulting capabilities having worked across Industry verticals across the globe. It has been recognized as a Cloud Champion and Premier 100 company by IDG Group. It has also been named as the Top 10 promising Cloud companies to watch by a leading global publishing house. Aashna Cloudtech is associated as premier partners with leading Cloud product companies like NetSuite, Silkroad, Workforce Software, Google, Box and DocuSign making the firm one of the world’s leading Cloud Aggregators.

Aashna Cloudtech is headquartered in Pune, India with regional offices throughout India and operations in Dubai, UAE & North Carolina, USA. Visit: www.aashnacloudtech.com


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