Thinspace Simplifies Desktop Virtualization & Application Delivery with integrated Device Management

New skySpace suite delivers desktop & application virtualization as a simple, effective and affordable end-to-end solution comprising end-points, virtualization management software and device management

PUNE, India – June 23, 2015  Thinspace, a global provider of reliable, scalable and affordable application delivery, virtualization, and cloud client technology solutions, today announced the launch of new skySpace solution suite, providing desktop virtualization and application delivery in a simple, effective, and affordable end-to-end solution with integrated device management. Thinspace’s skySpace is a complete solution comprising of hardware endpoint devices and management software designed to work together for the delivery of centralized desktops and applications. It eliminates the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors and provides a centralized single vendor platform for all the desktop computing needs of an organization.

Mr Vijender Yadav, Director at Thinspace commented, “Our objective is to simplify the entire process of desktop virtualization so that businesses of all sizes can easily deploy and manage virtual desktops in a secure and cost-effective manner, without compromising on user experience. New skySpace is a comprehensive solution with several features to meet the evolving needs of business enterprises.”

As the global desktop virtualization market continues to grow at a rapid pace, CIOs and IT administrators are looking for new desktop deployment strategies that make it easier to align with emerging trends like enterprise mobility, BYOD and cloud.

Using skySpace solution suite, organizations can deliver both dedicated virtual & session based desktops from private and public clouds. skySpace can deliver Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 based desktops from virtual machines running on VMWare and

Hyper-v and shared desktops from Microsoft RDS servers. skySpace continues to deliver individual application hosted on Microsoft RDS server to enable users to get access to the corporate applications.

skySpace suite includes zero management hardware endpoints which are optimized for VDI access and can be managed from central console, reduces the IT time and cost in managing individual devices. Using the software client, users using existing desktops and laptops can connect to their enterprise virtual desktop, effectively increasing the life span of existing desktop hardware. Users brining their own device including iPad, smartphones or tablets can also connect to their virtual desktop or applications.

skyGate, the secure access gateway combined with skyView, the HTML5 browser based RDP access method enables secure access to applications and desktops from anywhere. 

Thinspace has leveraged upon its years’ of experience in application delivery, virtualization and cloud client technology to develop new skySpace with high performance and productivity, thereby helping customers gain on multiple fronts.

With skySapce organizations can deploy and control everything through skyController. Thus organization achieve improved IT productivity by eliminating troubleshoot visits and downtime. skySpace is energy efficient, eco-friendly thin clients used in place of PC hardware benefiting both the organization and the environment.

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About Thinspace

Thinspace is a global provider of reliable, scalable and affordable application delivery, virtualization, and cloud client technology to public and private sector companies and organizations of all sizes. Operating on the belief that application delivery and cloud computing solutions should be flexible, dynamic and above all, simple to use, Thinspace understands and is passionate about solving customer problems affordably in the most efficient and effective manner possible. The Company’s list of private and public sector customers include NASA, PWC, Deutsche Bank, Toyota, as well as, NHS, local councils, universities, schools, and housing associations. With over 5,000 enterprise customers worldwide, Thinspace is recognized as a leading player in application delivery, virtualization, and cloud technology markets. The Company is headquartered in Port Orange, Florida with international offices in U.K., Canada, and India. For more information on the Company, please visit


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