NETRACK and Silentium Enter into Strategic Tie-Up to Build Active Silent Racks

ARA™ is the first of its kind soundproof rack-mount cabinet providing unprecedented levels of noise reduction up to 30 dB(A)

BENGALURU, India – July 14, 2015 – NETRACK, a leading solutions provider for data centers and end-to-end IT server racks, today announced a strategic partnership with Silentium – a leading provider of Active Noise Reduction technology. Silentium’s noise reduction solutions will be embedded in the rack mount cabinet – AcoustiRACK™ ACTIVE (ARA™) introduced by NETRACK. These can drastically reduce noise levels up to 30 dB(A) and provide 8KW of heat dissipation/cooling and dust protection for servers and networking equipment. The two companies will work together to eliminate noise pollution and deliver world class products with increased efficiency and energy consumption.

Mr Ravi Raj, Brand Head, Director Sales & Support at NETRACK said, “Energy consumption and noise pollution have been increasing over time and are among the top challenges faced by the IT industry. As we know, very high levels of noise can cause stress and stimulate unnecessary aggression at the workplace. To lower the noise of servers and other embedded equipment, we have incorporated Silentium’s noise reduction solutions. These will not only reduce the noise levels but will also help minimize energy usage and extend the life and well-being of IT equipment.”

Silentium’s proprietary noise-cancelling technology is highly effective in reducing low-frequency noises. Combined with NETRACK’s high quality acoustic materials, the product can achieve unprecedented spatial noise reduction over the entire frequency bandwidth of the audible spectrum. As a result, employees can work better in a quieter, less stressful environment. Apart from reducing your energy bills, the ARA™ also helps maintain constant temperature to prevent machine burnout, thereby extending the life of your equipment.

Mr Uzi Shalom, VP Sales at Silentium said, “We are pleased to partner with NETRACK as it has given us the opportunity to enter the Indian market. We look forward to helping Indian IT service providers and their customers to eliminate noise pollution. In addition, we will bring together our collective strengths to serve a broad spectrum of customers with the AcoustiRACK™ ACTIVE introduced by NETRACK.

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NETRACK Enclosures Pvt. Ltd., foresees itself as a single window solutions provider for all data, network and server related concerns. NETRACK Enclosure mission is to deliver time bound quality products that are superiorly designed and precision engineered to perfection, to help the customers overcome their constraints while enabling scalability and increased performance at a reduced cost. NETRACK guarantees to offer its clients good customer support services for problem solving and better relations. Improved customer relations, employee welfare and transformation at all levels to achieve more than what we have achieved so far. The company wishes to upgrade itself through research and development of newer technologies for enhanced performance, scalability and cost effective products to cut costs to the customer. To know more, please visit

About Silentium Ltd.

Silentium Ltd. is a high-tech company focused on the field of Spatial & Broadband Active Noise Control (ANC). Silentium’s technology, based on its innovative proprietary algorithms, is implemented in its S-Cube™ kit which can be integrated into a wide range of applications, achieving significant reductions in acoustic noise. The company’s “Silence in a Chip” concept is embedded in various mass-volume markets such as IT, HVAC, home appliances, aerospace, automotive and more.To know more, please visit


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