The Evolution of Storage – ‘PhotoFast MemoriesCable backs up your iOS devices’ while charging

Offers Smart Storage with Upgraded Choice – 27 functions to Store, play and share

MUMBAI, India – September 23, 2015 – Creative Peripherals, one of India’s leading distribution networks in IT, Imaging, Telecom and Lifestyle products, has today announced the launch of latest MemoriesCable from PhotoFast with an amazing entry on the Indiegogo platform. The World’s first extra storage drive is designed as a charging cable for your iPhone. These MemoriesCables store and manage data and automatically backs up iOS device while charging your iPhone/iPad.

Mr Ketan C Patel, CEO at Creative Peripherals said, “It is my great pleasure to introduce MemoriesCable, the World’s first extra storage drive for iPhone from the house of our esteemed partner PhotoFast. Considering the popularity of Apple products among the Indian people, I believe MemoriesCable will be a huge success in Indian market. Creative peripherals being the key distributor for the products of the PhotoFast in India, we look at this as great opportunity to further consolidate our position in Indian market. We hope that PhotoFast MemoriesCable bring huge success for both PhotoFast and Creative Peripherals.”

PhotoFast MemoriesCable5PhotoFast always believes that, there is a room for improvement and plenty of scope for innovation. Notably, they are bringing real-life solutions. We all love our iPhones and iPads and fill them with photos, music, videos and tons of apps. So, all iOS users’ must have experienced two common issues: running out of space and running out of battery.

During the design stage, PhotoFast saw this link between storage space and charging as an important element to make iOS users’ life simpler and easier. A cable with storage built in was the obvious solution but fitting the components in to a familiar cable size took a long time to overcome. PhotoFast have since patented the MemoriesCable technology. MemoriesCable  allows  you  to  back up  your  iOS  devices  while  you  charge. PhotoFast points out that backing up is something people don’t want to see happening and rarely have time to do so. They  idea  of  charging  your  phone  at  night  and  everything  being backed up is the perfect solution to keep users backed up and on full power without any effort.

Putting  memory  into  a  cable  to  be  convenient  as  well  as  small,  practical  and  super portable is the heart of the MemoriesCable concept. As we rely more and more on our Phones  for  business  and  pleasure  we  can  become  less  dependent  on  carrying  large laptops and the MemoriesCable storage (up to 128GB) is like having a portable hard drive or laptop with you. Massive storage with the World’s best mobile phone ensures you are not only connected and in-touch with all your data but they also fit right into your pocket.

A  strong  focus  on  security  also  plays  an  important role  in  PhotoFast’s  product development with features such as Touch ID to secure access to the app and individual file or folder security  ensures data is  always  accessible but  protected.  These features combine well with the social media backup features of Facebook and Instagram albums as well as access and management of Dropbox and Google Drive accounts.

Technical Specifications:

Connections: Lightning/USB 3.0

Compatibility: iOS 7.x/8.x – Mac OS X – Windows 7/8/XP

System requirement: Free APP from AppStore “i-FlashDrive ONE”

Supported Models: iPod – iPhone 5/5S/5C – iPhone 6/6 PLUS – iPad Air/Air 2 /mini

Speed: USB Speed: 90MB/s Write: 22MB/s

Lightning: Read: 30MB/s Write: 20MB/s


PhotoFast MemoriesCable

During the design stage PhotoFast saw the link between storage space and charging as an important element to make iOS users’ life simpler and easier. A cable with storage built-in was the obvious solution, but fitting the components in to a familiar cable size took a long time to overcome. PhotoFast have since patented the MemoriesCable technology.


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About PhotoFast

PhotoFast Company Limited is a leading Taiwanese brand in consumer electronics, with an international operations management team. With the concept of ‘Fast Innovation’ as one of our corporate beliefs, we offer consumer electronic products globally with high-quality, high-performance and high-compatibility.PhotoFast specializes in global consumer electronics marketing services. They established an effective distribution supply chain by rapid penetration in emerging markets, and also with a well-developed long-term relationship between quality suppliers and distributors. We share resources and benefits with distributors and suppliers like the use of global integration model, brand marketing, rapid product development, mastering market trends and the prompt technological support, providing products and services that customers truly need. To know more, please visit

About Creative Peripherals

Incorporated in 1992, Creative Peripherals & Distribution Pvt. Ltd. has successfully achieved the status of being a focused player in Distribution of I.T. as well as non I.T. products like telecom and CE products with a significant reach across India. Currently having a family of more than 175 employees and more than 5000 channel partners, CPDPL is the leading distribution network in India for IT, imaging, telecom and lifestyle brands.Within a small span of 23 years the Company has successfully transformed itself from a Trading Organization to value added distribution firm with a leading integrated Supply Chain Solution Provider for IT, Telecom and CE products as well


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