RAH Infotech Celebrates 10 Years of Intrapreneurship

NEW DELHI, India – November 10, 2015 – RAH Infotech, one of the India’s leading value-added distributors, announced today that they have completed 10 years of operations and dedicated their journey of 10 years to the sense of intrapreneurship that the team has. The company took every employee to Pattaya, Thailand to celebrate their10th anniversary in a grand style. A four-day trip was planned to rejuvenate the employees and make the occasion memorable as they have been the growth engine of the company.

From a start with five employees in 2005, the company has grown to 100 plus member strong team, representing 15 top technology brands in India. The average productivity per team member is among the best in the industry and the top management credits this to the CEO himself driving “intrapreneurship” to transform the organization culture to embrace innovation.

Expressing his gratitude and appreciation for the team members, Mr Ashok Kumar, MD and CEO, RAH Infotech said, “We have a dynamic and hardworking team and this has helped the company reach new heights in the distribution space in such a short span of time. In the last one decade, we have grown our manpower, reached out to new territories and achieved a remarkable standing in the domain of security and networking. All this has been made possible by the hard work put in by each member of the team.”

Many of our employees had never visited a foreign country and taking them there was like a dream fulfillment for them and a feel good factor as well. So we took this opportunity and decided to celebrate RAH Infotech’s success and anniversary in Thailand. They were quite excited, happy and enjoyed a lot,” says Mr Kumar.


Apart from sightseeing and visiting the best places in Thailand, a series of interesting activities were conducted for the team, concluding with an award ceremony for outstanding achievers over a gala dinner. The top innovators and performers were recognized.

Receiving the honor, Mr Vinay Yadav, Solutions Architect said, “I am overwhelmed and touched by the recognition given to me by our CEO. I received the’Man of the Decade’ award for my hard work and dedication towards the company. It has been a memorable journey as I was among the first 5 employees of RAH Infotech.”

RAH Infotech culture represents the collective values, beliefs and principles of organizational members and is a product of such factors as history, product, market, technology and strategy, type of employees, management style, and the Indian culture.

Mr Suchit Karnik, Sr Vice President said, “It was very thoughtful of our CEO to take the entire team to Pattaya for our anniversary celebrations.The event was the right platform for all the employees to mix with each other and know each other well. We also gave awards to some of our hardworking and talented employees. We wanted to convey the message that every employee is important to us and plays an important role in the success of the organization.”

According to Mr Ashish Bele, National Sales Director, The event was not only a great opportunity for celebration but also a chance to review our past successes and failures to build a strong roadmap ahead. Our PAN India team got a chance to interact with each other, which helped in strengthening the ties further. They also got a chance to find their mentors and benefit from the relationships. Awards to the employees served as a big motivation for them. The event boosted the morale of our team and will act as a catalyst for our business.”

The company has always valued its people and has always believed in the fact that employees are the most important asset for the company. A key objective of the trip was to motivate the employees, increase their sales proficiency and aptitude. Ashok Kumar, the CEO, believes such events are important to reward the employees for their efforts and to keep them energized to perform well.

Ms Karuna Yadav, Product Manager added, Our trip to Pattaya was a great experience. We got a chance to interact and know the team members from all our offices. It was a nice team building exercise. We enjoyed a lot.”

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About RAH Infotech

RAH Infotech is India’s leading tech distribution major and solutions provider in the network and security domain who specialize in Enterprise & App Security and Application Delivery. Founded in the year 2005 and headquartered in Gurgaon, RAH Infotech has been providing world class IT solutions to a large number of channel partners and enterprises in India and SAARC countries. RAH Infotech works in close knit with its channel partners, offering solutions that cover information security solutions, telephony and video collaboration, server and storage management, backup and disaster recovery management, BCP services, data center solutions and data protection. RAH Infotech is committed to helping its partners choose, configure, and deliver the industry’s premium products across almost every vertical market in India. For more on the company, please visit www.rahinfotech.com.


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