CarbookPlus Developed for India by WidasConcepts, Brings Big Data Solution for Vehicle Management

CarbookPlus demonstrates how drivers, vehicle owners, the community and the automobile manufacturers can profit from modern Big-Data technologies

BENGALURU, India / Germany – November 13, 2015 – WidasConcepts, an innovative consulting company which offers Big Data and IoT solutions, today announced that they have developed CarbookPlus, a Big Data vehicle management solution for the automotive-industry in India. CarbookPlus is a free, independent and user-friendly community platform that brings together all the information about the vehicles, helps drivers and car owners take judicial calls on how to manage, monitor and navigate their vehicles efficiently.

Mr Vishwa KiranCEO – India at WidasConcepts said, “With more than 90 percent of all innovations in the automotive industry based on electronics and IT systems, there is no dearth of data being generated by these vehicles. The number of vehicles, which are connected to the Internet, is increasing. These send and receive data via the cloud. User can be networked via open platforms and exchange relevant information which also actively support the driver and provides extensive usage information.”

CarbookPlus essentially crunches data that is supplied by vehicles and collates information from different sources such as maintenance log books, traffic cameras, fuel-station data and helps customers take real time decisions. The driver can see useful instructions such as speed-camera alerts, traffic info or the closest convenient gas station. Networked vehicles communicate with each other and warn themselves of road works, accidents, damaged roads, etc. With added features like ability to keep all bills related to the vehicle stored on cloud via mobile applications, CarbookPlus helps drivers to get information available from a single source. Ultimately CarbookPlus reduces the TCO (total cost of ownership) of the vehicle for the driver or the owner.

Mr Vishwa Kiran further added, “Another feature is the community feedback, which helps users take critical decisions. Companies with fleet using this platform receive even a complete electronic fleet management using the platform.”

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About WidasConcepts

The innovative IT consulting company WidasConcepts supports its customers since 1997 in successfully shaping their business processes. WidasConcepts develops modern and future-oriented concepts in the areas of Big Data, Internet of Things, as well as mobile and web-solutions. It aims to create intelligent business solutions that bring more success to the customers in the competitive market. The company serves its customers strategically from the business analysis up to the implementation of the overall solution for a wide variety of platforms and end-devices. WidasConcepts transports the bigger picture of IT. The company headquartered in Wimsheim, Germany and branch office in Bengaluru, India. WidasConcepts has currently 80 employees and is a member of the high-tech A



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