TP-LINK Announces Global Brand Launch of ‘Neffos’, Enters the Mobile Devices Segment

The global leader in Wi-Fi products is entering in to mobile devices segment to create ideal digital ecosystem for users

MUMBAI, India – December 23, 2015 – TP-LINK, the global leader in consumer and SMB networking products, today announced the launch of new brand line Neffos (pronounced “nef’-os”), and thus making an entry in the mobile devices market to expand the scope of business. The brand name, taken from Greek language, means “clouds” and has an additional meaning that is “very exciting” when understood in  the context.

The release of Neffos marks TP-LINK’s expansion from fixed equipment (router, smart home system, cloud service) to mobile devices that are part of digital ecosystem for the users. With the current accumulation of technology in the telecommunication industry, TP-LINK thrives to make the best of humanized design. Neffos is a breakthrough for TP-LINK to set up a link with smart devices through standard protocol to create an ideal digital ecosystem for users.

Mr Jeffrey Chao, President at TP-LINK said, “Our original intention of developing Neffos was about creating a unique digital experience by establishing a seamless connection between people and devices. We are confident that Neffos will provide a sense of joy of technology for users while at the same time offer a simple lifestyle for them in such era of information explosion.

Neffos debut as mobility brand scripts TP-LINK’s ambitious expansion of the customer pie and its centrality to users’ personal digital ecosystem. According to the IDC 2015 ranking, TP-LINK is the undisputed number one in global market share in Wi-Fi products at 42.9%, which is 33.42% higher than the second place. Its success is due to TP-LINK’s consistent consideration of “close to life” as the core development philosophy through research and development of high-quality products.

In the future, we would like to create an intelligent identification ability in different scenes to automatically activate and control relevant devices for users. Via Neffos, users will have a closer connection with their home devices,” added Mr Jeffrey Chao.

Neffos product range is expected to be launched in Q1 2016. No specific product range, prices or launch dates have been announced for India.

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TP-LINK is a global innovator and provider of consumer and SMB networking products ranging from wireless routers, switches, cable/DSL gateways, powerline, adapters, range extenders, cloud cameras, business access points, outdoor wireless solutions to smart home.

The company has always been devoted to offer the public the most convenient access to local area network and internet, meeting the users’ network need in life, work and entertainment with high quality service with sales revenue reaching USD 2 billion in 2014.

Currently TP-LINK has established subsidiaries or representative offices in 40 countries and regions abroad, with devices being used in over 120 countries. For more information, please visit

TP-LINK™ and NEFFOS™ logos are registered trademarks of TP-LINK Technologies Co. Ltd. in India and/or other countries.


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