MAIT ED’s comment on Government of India’s move to demonetise Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 500 currency notes

MAIT compliments Prime Minister Modi for his bold action against corruption and black money and strongly supports the Government in its mission of transformation of India into a developed nation. We applaud the decision taken by the government to eradicate black money and cut off funding for terrorist activities.”

Government’s PMJDY push to open bank accounts for hitherto unbanked urban and rural poor, and the latest move on demonetisation of high value currency notes clearly indicates that going forward, Indian businesses and individuals will need to depend on increasingly higher levels of ICT deployment. In fact, the  move has been made possible in part because of the widespread availability of banking technology for multiple modes of electronic financial transactions. This also calls for the government to further look for means to increase IT penetration, to enable every citizen to use technology tools and services in a cashless economy. Government should continue to lay ever more emphasis on technology-led schemes and programs for increasing the pace of economic growth in the country.”

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About MAIT

MAIT was set up in 1982 for purposes of scientific, educational and IT Industry promotion, Representing Hardware, Training, R&D & Hardware Design and other associated service segments of the Indian IT Industry. MAIT’s charter is to develop a globally competitive Indian IT Industry, promote the usage of IT in India, strengthen the role of IT in national economic development, promote business through international alliances, promote quality consciousness in the IT Industry and transform the Indian IT Industry into a world-class industry.  MAIT is recognized by both Govt. and Industry for its role in the growth & development of the IT Hardware industry in India and has emerged as a strong & effective mouthpiece of the industry.


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