Carry Your Own Wearable AC Wherever You Go

 Beat the heat &cold with an Electric Scarf

NEW DELHI, India – November 21, 2016-DOEL, which provides trusted and innovative ICT, Mobility & CE products & services to the organizations and end users introduces an Electric Scarf also known as Personal AC which is a heating and a cooling wearable devic that comes with an ergonomic design of adjustable neck size.

Personal AC is easy to operate, lightweight for use in any environment whether to cool down on a hot summer day or to keep warm in winter. This amazing wearable AC allows you to enjoy a comfortable temperature without the need for any centralized AC decreasing energy consumption.

It gives me an enormous pleasure to introduce DOEL G2T Electric Wearable Scarf commonly called Personal AC in the Indian market. DOEL always brings the latest technology and forward- looking innovations for the end users which will help them to transform their lifestyle as never before and this unique product is one of them. We also hope that our partners would be benefited by introduction of such products and products that probably brings them an opportunity to cater to newer customer segments – said Sudip De, Director at DOEL International Pvt Ltd.

Automatic safety shut off device prevents over current and overheating. This amazingly designed smart device is energy efficient;it controls individual temperature according to the environment so that one can remain comfortable. It runs on an external battery pack and can be carried along anywhere such as Camping, Biking, Air Travelling, Playing, etc. It works as a great relief for people who are suffering from discomfort at times due to weather temperature change. It’s the 1st patented Cooling & Heating 2 in 1 wearable device, with thermoelectric technology & exclusively developed 3D reflux airflow system. It maintains a stable temperature output for users under extreme conditions of both heat and cold without the addition of coolants, ice or water. It provides users, body air conditioning with indirect contact with the skin of the human body so that no uncomfortable situation would happen because of long time wearing. This product comes with superior portability and allows efficient energy & money saving.




Increases blood flow in the neck decreasing pain, stiffness and restore your energy Neck is the best spot to cool body temperature down in summer
Increases circulation of blood lymph and has a sedating and relaxing effect on nerves Quickly cool down in case of heat stroke
Helps in sleeping better Soothes headache of having a  fever
Helps you to say goodbye to illness by raising the body temperature Provide relief from hot flashes of Menopause

and Warranty:

Price 15,000/-
Warranty 1 Year

Product Specifications:

Product Name DOEL G2T Wearable Electric Scarf
Model Name DOEL G2T-N1 PLUS
Power 5V DC, Micro USB
Dimension H4*W17.1*L17.3cm
Product Size Size S~M: Neck Size 26.3cm ~50cm
  Size L~XL: Neck Size 29.9cm~53.6cm
Cooling Mode LED Blue Light
Heating Mode LED Orange Light
Product Weight Size S~M: 370g (±1%)
  Size L~XL: 325g (±1%)
Normal Mode Cooling Level:12°C(±2°C) Lower than Ambient Temperature
  Heating Level: 25°C(±2°C) Higher than Ambient Temperature
  With power bank rated capacity of 6500mAh,run time will be 4~5 hours
Turbo Mode Cooling Level:17°C(±2°C) Lower than Ambient Temperature
  Heating Level: 35°C(±2°C) Higher than Ambient Temperature
With power bank rated capacity of 6500mAh,run time will be 2~3 hours
Operation Ambient Temperature 10~50°C
Color Red/Yellow/White
Control Panel Cooling/Heating/Off

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About DOEL

DOEL INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD was founded in 2015 to provide trusted and innovative ICT, Mobility & CE products & services to the organizations and end users. DOEL is managed and manned by professionals with over two decades of experience in Distribution, Marketing, Branding and Media. DOEL has its R&D Center in Taiwan and state-of-the-art Manufacturing facilities in China and India. DOEL also offers the competitive consultancy services in the fields of marketing, branding, sales and distribution of IT products. With a pan-India distribution network, DOEL enables IT organizations to establish, sustain and grow in the challenging conditions and competition in the Indian IT market. Supported by the knowledge and skills of experienced professionals, DOEL is committed to offer a synergized combination of quality, standard, reliability, affordability and service support. DOEL Brings You Future Technology Today.


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