Keep Your Business Your Business with Targus Patented Magnetic Privacy Screen

Secured 60° blocked view, innovative and user-friendly installation,and fully protective solution

BENGALURU, India – April 4, 2017 – One of the world’s leading laptop cases and accessories makers, Targus® Inc., today announced the launch of their range of Magnetic Privacy Screens for Apple MacBook. The product is patented and perfectly designed to attach to the MacBook frame and effectively blacks outthe views beyond 60-degree viewing angle.

Curiosity from wandering eyes is worryingdue to the threat to confidentiality, and yet uncontrollable. For a variety of reasons, people next to any business traveler, in public settings – such as a local coffee shop or on a plane – take a look at the screen.Targus Magnetic Privacy Screens are designed to ensure full privacy of the computer data, and full peace of mind. MacBook users can simply attach and remove the thin privacy screen and work without worrying about glares, fingerprints, scratches and prying onlookers,” said Mr Manish Aher, Director of Product Marketing and Country Manager, India at Targus AsiaPacific.

Targus Magnetic Privacy Screen is an advanced solution, offering multiple advantages over conventional screens which often leave non-removable adhesive marks on screen. The0.8mm super slimmagnetic screen is touch screen compatible, easy to attach, remove, clean and comfortably fits on the MacBook frame in open and closed positions. Built from high quality materials this product also reduces the screen damage and helps in avoiding costly replacement of screen itself.

Featuring low-reflective coating and anti-microbial coating, reduces glare and hide fingerprints and hence suitable for all types of environments, including high light and reflective environments. Blue light filter protection technology increases the reading comfort by reducing blue light by 22%.

On-screen data is only viewable when you are directly in front of the screen. Using this magnetic privacy screen user can work productively and comfortably with confidential business information wherever they are, in the knowledge that their on-screen data is protected from prying eyes.


  • Reduced glare via a low-reflective coating
  • Anti-microbial coating
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Helps prevent scratches on screens
  • Easy to attach, remove and clean
  • Matte surface helps reduce glare and hide fingerprints
  • Effective “black out” privacy from side views outside the 60-degree viewing angle

Price, Warranty and Availability

Targus Magnetic Privacy Screen for Apple MacBook 13″ Series (except MBP 2016 version) comes with the MRP of Rs 4999/-

Targus Magnetic Privacy Screen for Apple MacBook Pro (2016) 13″ comes with the MRP of Rs 4999/-

Targus Magnetic Privacy Screen for Apple MacBook 15″ Series (except MBP 2016 version) comes with the MRP of Rs 6499/-

Targus Magnetic Privacy Screen for Apple MacBook 12″ comes with the MRP of Rs 4499/-

Targus Magnetic Privacy Screen for Apple MacBook Pro (2016) 15″ comes with the MRP of Rs 6499/-

All products are available with Targus India and Distributors carrying a warranty of One year

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About Targus®

Targus® created the mobile accessory category with its invention of the laptop case over 30 years ago. The company continues to advance the mobile accessories category with innovative and relevant solutions for today’s lifestyle. Targus products enhance productivity, connectivity, and security, liberating consumers to use their mobile devices in any and all environments with the utmost convenience and comfort. Founded in 1983, Targus’ headquarters are located in Anaheim, Calif., with offices worldwide and distribution agreements in more than 100 countries. For more information on Targus visit


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