Trends that will be shaping the IT industry in 2018

December 19, 2017

We are in the last quarter of 2017 and we could definitely say it’s been an eventful year for IT industry. We have witnessed companies going digital and taking data-driven business decisions. But every good comes with bad, 2017 will also be remembered as the year of high profile breaches and malicious attacks- the era of smart hackers, polymorphic threats and unique malware variants.

With a strong understanding of the Indian IT market dynamics, Gurpreet Singh, Managing Director at Arrow PC Network has listed top four trends that will drive the IT industry in the upcoming year – 2018

King of IT industry is and will be – “Data” (Focus on Data-Driven Business)

For the past few years, becoming more data-driven has been a key focus for many businesses in India. In 2018, we’re going to yet again see another increase in the volume, velocity, and variety of data. Data was and is an essential ingredient in business success across all functional areas. To turn the companies’ insights into enhanced performance and greater productivity, one must aware of how to use data in decision making. Data-driven decisions provide a great way to engage customers in a timelier, relevant fashion and transforming overall relationship by fulfilling their ever-evolving demands.

Generating new ways to secure valuable asset – “Data” (Focus on Artificial Intelligence)

Today, data is overflowing and security skill sets are scarce. The industry will continue to look for new kinds of skills in the upcoming year as cyber security evolves in areas such as data classes and data governance. Today security experts have not given much of their attention towards data security and is avoided the fact that in the next three to five years, enterprises will generate more data than they ever have before. Being adaptive in nature and equipping self with new skills will be the key to the next phase of cyber security. Undoubtedly, the rapid changes in cyber security will definitely require new types of skill sets in data science and analytics.  The increase in information will make artificial security intelligence crucial for enterprises in 2018.

Increase in the adoption of Digital Workspaces

Keeping the 2017 trend alive, we will see that in upcoming year also employees will not be limited to just “usual workday” and a cubicle in an office.  Complete digital workspaces will continue to be an integral part of organizations that want to accommodate mobile workers, drive competitive edge and provide better customer service. Basically, going digital will help in faster response to customers and vendors, better use of “downtime,” and responsiveness outside of business hours. Companies do understand that for IT, empowering customers with a true digital workspace solution means equipping their employees with a portable, always available environment consisting of their desktop, personalized with all of their apps and their data.

Adding business value with Software-Defined Everything (SDE)

The global software-defined everything market is predicted to grow with a CAGR between 27% and 28% from 2017 to 2023, according to recent report of Report Linker.

Why SDE?

With digital innovation and engagement, the IT arena is moving towards a software-defined future. But, to get a complete alignment across all aspects of the software-defined data center, storage or networking, it is going to take a while to mature.

We are in the era where business, people and process all are driven by information. Data can be stored anywhere, in any system across the organization. Storing is easy, but accessing the data at the time of need has given birth to the concept of SDE for seamless computing and management across the globe.

In 2018 companies will keep moving towards software-defined everything as the benefits are compelling. The main characteristics of software-defined include greater automation, faster provisioning of IT resources, decreased hardware costs, faster implementation, and more efficient use of storage, networking and computing.


iValue is the ‘Upcoming Partner of the Year’ for CA Technologies

December 19, 2017

CA Technologies, an OEM for iValue in its focus to help Customers in their digital transformation journey, has been recognized for its distinctive approach in effectively addressing needs of emerging enterprises

BENGALURU, India – December 19, 2017 – iValue InfoSolutions, a leader in the digital asset protection and data, network and application management (DNA of every business), announced that it has been awarded with ‘Upcoming Partner of the Year’ by CA at their Transformers Partner Summit 2017 held recently in Bentota , Sri Lanka.

The award recognizes iValue’s distinctive approach in addressing the need of emerging enterprise segment and exemplary reach in tier-2 cities for CA Technologies’ Privilege Access Management and Service Desk Manager (SDM) services.

The Privilege Access Management ensures high level of security, where users can securely access their critical IT resources without gaining a footprint on the network-while monitoring all the activities across the entire IT infrastructure. The Service Desk Manager provides organizations the capabilities to help streamline support operations for advanced user experience. iValue and its partner ecosystem, empowers enterprises to manage, monitor and streamline operations with these unique offerings by CA Technologies.

CA offerings relevance to iValue’s portfolio helping its Customers in their Digital transformation journey has enabled in this early recognition and credit goes to our partner eco system for quickly taking advantage at their customer base,” said Subodh Anchan, Director – Alliances at iValue InfoSolutions.

CA Technologies signed iValue InfoSolutions as Value Added Distributor (VAD) for India and the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) region last year to grow the emerging enterprise market to address customers’ needs in their digital transformation journey.

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About iValue InfoSolutions

A premium technology enabler, iValue InfoSolutions drives “Go to Market” for Niche, Compelling and Complimentary offerings, in the Digital Asset Protection and Data, Network & Application (DNA) management areas, using Customer Life Cycle and Product Life Cycle Adoption frameworks.

With a mission to empower organizations to effectively manage their “Digital Assets,” which are critical & differentiators of business, to ensure profitable growth,  iValue offerings are aligned, customized & optimized for organizations, across vertical & size, through its OEM, consultant & global, national, regional and local system integrators partnership.

The team at iValue has proven track record for creating robust and scalable delivery models for niche, complementing and compelling offering, through customer engagements, while continuing to provide scalable growth for popular offerings, through its focused partner engagements. iValue has direct partnership with 25+ “Best of Breed” OEM’s with 6000+ Customers through  500+ partners including Global, National, Regional and Local SI’s. iValue has a direct presence across 10 cities in India, with channel, solution, vertical & customer focused teams, addressing pre-sales, sales & post sales needs of Customer, Consultants &  Partner, for Private, Public and Hybrid cloud needs. iValue overseas presence include Nairobi, Kenya office for Africa foray.

iValue has been growing consistently at 5+ times market growth rates for last 9+ years. iValue won Deloitte India Technology Fast 50 award for India and Fast 500 award for Asia-Pac for two consecutive year, 2013 & 2014. iValue also was “Red Herring Asia 100” Finalist in 2014 & 2015. For more information, visit or mail

Threat Predictions for 2018

December 18, 2017

As we step into the new year, 2018 and embrace the fast changing digital world, on the behind we leave a trail of 2017 marred with cyber-attacks which have been more sophisticated and lethal in a way that sabotaged many industries to individuals with huge financial loses as well as personal data loss. This raises the bar towards stronger cyber security and defence against the growing menace of cyber-attacks, which needs round the clock vigil and vigor to protect the industries and individuals for protecting the valuable data and business continuity.

The trends also showed that AI and machine learning becoming the de facto norms of adoption for future growth of businesses and industries. Cyber security solutions also now adopted it to be prepared for any untoward incidents arising out of the weakest link of cyber security that is human error.

eScan security research team has identified some of the key trends that will emerge stronger as well as the most targeted segments for security breaches. Some of them are as below: 

1. Crypto currency: 2017, saw the emergence of crypto-currency as the volatile commodity, moreover, the volatility hasn’t subdued the interests of the investors. The latter half of 2017 saw Ransomware attacks with Wannacry in the forefront and their dependence on Bitcoin. Cyber criminals will continue to demand ransoms in crypto currency because of the unregulated anonymous currency market.

2018 would be the year of crypto currencies, with numerous players vying for the stability of their currency and the latter half of 2018 may lead to market consolidation, with the emergence of top crypto currencies. Due to the spiraling price of the Bitcoin, in 2018, criminals would shift their focus to other crypto-currencies and this would be the game changer in the popularity of the crypto-currencies.

The hard forks of the Bitcoin resulted in the creation of Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Cash furthermore there are plans to introduce Bitcoin Silver, Bitcoin Platinum which would fuel the growth of Bitcoin. With so many forks, the investors would have to exercise caution as the very likelihood of fake crypto-currencies, scams and Ponzi schemes may surface in 2018.

2.Ransomware: Ransomware will continue to be a major threat in the year 2018. It is one of the easiest ways for a cyber-criminal to extract money from the victim. In 2017, we witnessed Wannacry and its usage of publicly available exploits viz. Eternal Blue for lateral movement within the network, 2018 would highlight the importance of patch-updates as a sure-way to mitigate lateral movement by Ransomware. Furthermore, Ransomware creator may shift their loyalties from Bitcoin to other crypto-currencies, since the payment of the ransom has to be viable for the victims and the surging price of the bitcoin would be the contributing factor.

2018, would also witness the custom pricing of the ransom based on the country and the capability of the targeted organization to pay up the ransom. Traditionally, spear-phishing was limited to Information Warfare; however, we may find organizations being actively targeted with specifically tailored Ransomware so as to increase the ROI for these criminals.

3.Improved Security of IoT Devices: Since the demand for smart devices and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices are increasing every day, the need for advanced security for these devices has also increased. According to recent statistics, there will be almost 30 billion connected things in major industries and IoT will touch every role across the corporates. Simultaneously, the attacks against these devices will also rise.

Besides, in 2017 IoT devices have been targeted by various botnets including the infamous Mirai botnet, which leveraged the vulnerabilities to further attack the critical infrastructure. 2018 would be a mixed bag and witness the emergence of implementation of security guidelines for the development of IoT devices amongst the vendors. Furthermore, 2018 would also be the year of IoT Botnet attacks.

4.Increase in mobile hacking: 2017 was the year which saw the emergence of DDoS malware affecting Android Devices, also witnessed the takedown of WireX Botnet which had created havoc. Information-stealing Mobile Malware cannot be attributed to cyber criminals alone, device manufactures have come under fire for violating the privacy of its users and as a precautionary measure Indian Govt. had issued a diktat against a majority of device manufacturers, furthermore black-listed more than 40 apps developed by Chinese organizations.

Device manufacturers and App developers would find 2018 to be very lucrative but would also come under the radar of privacy activists and government for flouting the norms laid down for protection of their citizens’ data. With the enforcement of GDPR just a few months away, the latter half of 2018 would witness a slew of privacy breaches by mobile app developers.

Furthermore, in 2017 users were bombarded with fake apps and vulnerabilities discovered in Android and iOS have forced companies like Google and Apple to innovate with their individual app stores and increase vigilance of the apps. 2018 would be no better and we may observe an increase in incidents involving compromised devices. Although, a few of these incidents might be attributed to Jail-Breaks / Rooting using automation, but the primary focus of the malware authors would be on fake apps. 

5.Cyber espionage between countries: Global Intelligence systems within many countries today have advanced to an extent that they can effortlessly extract data from across the world to frame strategies. The nation states have seen a new realm of spying in the form of cyber espionage. This new form will affect the economic and political relationships between nation states as well as change modern warfare scenario.

Lastly, we can conclude that our users, readers and administrators should be on their toes to escape the deadly fangs of the cyber crooks. Implementation of multi-factor authentication after understanding the exact requirement thoroughly will help the organization in minimizing the chances of any kind of cyber-attacks. Use eScan and stay safe!


TechnoBind CEO Wins Young Entrepreneur Award from Bangalore Management Association

December 18, 2017

BENGALURU, India – December 18, 2017 – TechnoBind CEO Prashanth G J has won Young Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Bangalore Management Association (BMA) during its Member’s day and 64th Anniversary celebration held at  Vivanta by Taj, Bangalore.The award is a recognition for a young manager who has made an impact to the society they live in. The award is for someone who shows pride in his profession, innovation and is a role model for youngsters.

Prashanth G J has been chosen for his progressive leadership experience in different dimensions of information technology and his contribution to the industry. He started TechnoBind in 2012 and since then the company is profitable with an almost 100% CAGR.

Accepting the award, Prashanth G J, CEO of TechnoBind said, “I am honoured to be chosen for the Young Achiever award by the BMA. It’s been 5 years since we laid the foundation of TechnoBind and we are constantly growing ever since. We have lived every bit of our tag line – Redefining Possibilities. This award is also a recognition for my dedicated team, partners and our customers, whose constant support inspired us to achieve several milestones.”

Every year BMA recognizes outstanding personalities of Karnataka who have contributed immensely in their respective field of activity. It recognizes people who make an impact on the life of people. The present membership of the BMA is a strong 400 institutional members and around 2000 individual members. They represent a select band of people and companies/organizations from all disciplines.


About BMA

BMA was founded in the year 1953 and celebrated its Golden Jubilee in recent years. In its existence of over 50 years BMA has contributed significantly for the development of modern management practices in the state of Karnataka in particular and Nation as whole. It is in the forefront among all the management associations under AIMA and it is recognized as one of the best management association in the country. It has over 1000 number of members including almost all the leading corporates in Karnataka. Its role in updating management education among the Management institutions in the state of Karnataka is worth noting.

About TechnoBind

TechnoBind is the first Specialist Distributor in the Indian IT channel space, offering a hybrid distribution model placed synergistically between broad-based and niche distribution, to deliver high business value for its reseller partners. TechnoBind helps partners to implement solutions, which solve specific business pain points arising out of the rapidly changing facets of technology for businesses.

TechnoBind through its dedicated Cloud Services Business Unit is helping partners get their customers to adopt cloud. By employing the right strategy to harness benefits from cloud computing offerings, TechnoBind can help partners to be a part of this cloud journey of their customers thereby being relevant even when the on-premise to cloud shift happens. The company’s sole focus has been on technologies that help the customer handle his Data and the associated challenges of Data Treatment.

For more information, visit

The launch of Andy – the ArtBot

December 18, 2017

Meitu made a huge step in A.I. to make the world a more beautiful place

MUMBAI, IndiaDecember 18, 2017 – Meitu Inc., publisher of the world renowned photo-editing app Meitu, is dedicated to the pursuit of beauty around the world. For almost 10 years, Meitu has been an innovator of apps that generate 6 billion photos per month globally. Today, Meitu managed to expand its expertise to Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and created its first ever A.I. painting robot – Andy, the ArtBot.

What makes Andy so unique?

Unlike other photo-editing functions that add effects to original photos, Andy breaks up and reconstructs photos, then turns them into paintings within 5 seconds. Its segmentation technique is so humanized that it recognizes humans in photos and is able take them out from the backgrounds behind them, and turn into a brand new painting.

Undoubtedly, Andy marks the beginning of A.I. in the art industry. As Andy continues to learn, more painting styles created through A.I. will be developed. Andy may not be comparable to any of the great painters like Picasso, Van Gogh, etc., but it will certainly lead a different art trend for the future.

How Andy works?

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About Meitu, Inc.

Meitu, Inc. (through Xiamen Meitu Networks Technology Co., Ltd.)commenced its current business in October 2008. It is a mobile Internet company with a mission to make the world a more beautiful place, and a vision to build an ecosystem around beauty and make everyone a user of Meitu products. Meitu has created a series of software and hardware products – including Meitu, BeautyCam, Meipai (a video and live streaming community app) and Meitu smartphones – which have been transforming the way users create and share beauty, precipitating the selfie phenomenon in China. Meitu’s portfolio of mobile apps had been activated on over 1.1 billion unique devices as of 31 October 2016 and recorded approximately 456 million MAUs globally in October 2016.

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