IMAGE KING Unveils Five Toner Cartridge Models for Brother Printer

  • IMAGE KING TN3428, DRBO21, TNBO21, DR2465 and TN2465 are compatible with series of Brother Printers
  • These toner cartridges carry a crisp professional look with dramatic tone and texture offering a better value for money

CHENNAI, India – January 9, 2020 – IMAGE KING, a leading national brand in compatible laser toner cartridges and printer powder, today announced the launch of the five new toner cartridges for brother printers in India – IMAGE KING TN3428, DRBO21, TNBO21, DR2465 and TN2465. These toner cartridges come with premium quality, easy to install and hassle-free printing, producing superior quality and consistency for a wide array of printing needs. These toner cartridges are expertly engineered to keep the machine running smooth.

IMAGE KING is always innovating to provide affordably, yet high-performance printing solutions to help customers lower their cost of printing, and these are the latest results of our efforts. We are extremely happy to introduce the five toner cartridge models for Brothers Printers. IMAGE KING TN3428, DRBO21, TNBO21, DR2465, and TN2465 cartridges are of high quality producing quality prints“, said Masood Khan, CEO at IMAGE STAR PVT.LTD.

Each of the IMAGE KING toner cartridges are compatible with the following models:

  1. IMAGE KING TN3428 toner cartridge is compatible with HLL5000D, HLL5100DN, HLL6200DW, HLL6400DW, MFCL5700DN, MFCL5900DW and MFCL6900DW.
  2. IMAGE KING DRBO21 toner cartridge is compatible with HL-B2000D, HL -B2050DN, DCP-B7500D, DCP – B7530DN, MFC -B7700D and MFC – B7720DN.
  3. IMAGE KING toner cartridge TNBO21 is Compatible with HL-B2000D, HL-B2050DN, DCP-B7500D, DCP-B7530Dn, MFC- B7700D and MFC – B7720DN.
  4. IMAGE KING DR2465 toner cartridge compatible with HL-L2312D/2352DW/2372DN, DCP-L2512D/2532DW, MFC-L2712DN, 2712DW/2732DW.
  5. IMAGE KING TN2465 toner cartridge compatible with DCP-L2531DW, DCP – L2535DW, DCP – L2550DW, HL- L2395DW, MFC- L2710DW, MFC-L2713DW, and MFC-L2715D

These toner cartridges work effectively and smoothly even while printing large number of pages in a single click, providing high quality prints. The cartridges can be used for various printing needs to produce high-quality full-color prints within seconds like vouchers, coupons, value-added receipts, ID tags with photos, visitor badges, price and promotion stickers, pasted labels or labels for cardboards and boxes, etc. These toner cartridges are available with Imaging dealers. Partners can place their orders for these cartridges at any of the IMAGE STAR branches.

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About IMAGE STARIMAGE KING is a flagship & leading national brand of IMAGE STAR which manufactures compatible laser toner cartridges and laser printer powder for use in leading printer brands. IMAGE KING has a strong dealer network of 5,500 dealers and 120 distributors spread across India. IMAGE KING’s compatible cartridges are considered to be the premium products across all channel partners. IMAGE KING has branch offices in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Bangalore, Secunderabad, Cochin, and Madurai, with headquarters in Chennai. For more information, please visit

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