Accops Launches New Vendor-Neutral Biometric Authentication Solution to Fight Cyber Threats

February 28, 2020

NEW DELHI/MUMBAI/PUNE, India – February 28, 2020 – Accops Systems, a trusted developer and provider of secure workspace virtualization infrastructure, has launched an upgraded version of its multi-factor identity and access management solution that supports biometric authentication.

The advanced HyID, an acronym for Hybrid Identification, has built-in biometric authentication server for fingerprint as well as facial recognition, along with the existing OTP-based two-factor authentication. And what sets this new product apart from competitors is its vendor-neutrality and ability to sync with any existing applications, without necessitating any change.

The new solution is critical for sectors such as BPO and BFSI, particularly the banking industry that has lately been facing challenges to fortify its cybersecurity framework. In fact, the RBI recently issued guidelines, directing all Urban Co-operative Banks (UCBs) to put in place strict security measures and ensure, among other things, strong user authentication through two-factor or multi-factor verification.

Accops has already implemented the new biometric solution, available as an add-on with HyID product, in a number of large organizations, including some leading private sector banks.

Today, organizations, especially where user impersonation is a big issue, are looking for strong user authentication solutions to protect their valuable data from relentless cyber-attacks. Further, the RBI guidelines, the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) rules, and other data protection laws require organizations to track that all are accessing their systems, when and from where,” said Vijender Yadav, CEO at Accops Systems.

Traditional memory-based authentication, such as PIN, passwords, passphrases, etc., are susceptible to various cyber risks, phishing attacks and other means of breach. Even a number of two-factor authentication methods, like OTPs delivered through SMS, are no longer considered completely secure.

In contrast, biometric is tamper-proof, and cannot be shared or misused easily. The new biometric-enabled HyID solution not only helps reduce chances of fraud, data loss, or identity theft, but also supports organizations to be compliant,the Accops CEO maintained.

Benefits of new biometric-enabled HyID solution are as follows:

  • Smooth integration: HyID provides biometric-enabled MFA without making any change in the existing applications. In fact, it is compatible with all modern and legacy apps, which help businesses, upgrade their security features fast, saving time as well as cost. For example, if a bank wants to secure a core banking system (CBS) application, CBS vendor will have to modify the application to support biometric authentication from other providers. Now if the bank has multiple such applications with access to critical data, the bank will have to spend a lot of money, time and efforts to integrate biometric authentication into each of those applications. But with HyID, the bank can spare itself all the hassle and adopt biometric protection without changing the apps.
  • Its vendor neutral: The advanced HyID authentication solution can support biometric devices from multiple vendors, like Mantra Softech, SecuGen, BioEnable, etc. Moreover, it has the framework to enable any new biometric device provider as well.
  • Easy to roll out: As part of this new version of HyID: customers get biometric authentication as an add-on feature, where biometric enrolment, biometric capturing and all those functionalities are built into the product. Also, detailed workflows can be created to have a maker-checker based authorization process. This apart, the solution is flexible enough to allow self-enrollment as well as administered enrollment.

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About Accops Systems Private Limited

Accops¸ an Indian company with global footprints is a leading developer and provider of secure workspace virtualization solutions, including application and desktop virtualization, secure remote access and multi-factor authentication solutions.

Accops’ Made-In-India software and hardware products enable businesses to consolidate secure and speed up access to their IT infrastructure using its proprietary workspace virtualization and secure remote access technologies. They not only help create a secure and agile work environment but also reduce complexities, allowing workforce to focus their creativity on core business activities, rather than worrying about system glitches, software updates or cyber threats. Accops helps increase employee productivity and operational efficiency by enabling anywhere, anytime access to business applications from any device, while keeping the governance with the organization. Headquartered in Pune, India, the company was established in October 2012 with its offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi, and Japan.

Visit Accops Systems to know more about Secure Workspace Virtualization solutions, comprising Application and Desktop Virtualization, Secure Remote Access and Multi-factor authentication

NetRack exhibits NRS Rack Series at BES Expo; Promotes Innovative Rack Solutions for Broadcasting Industry

February 28, 2020

BENGALURU, India – February 28, 2020 – NetRack, a leading solution provider for data centers and end-to-end IT server racks, exhibited its revolutionary product, NRS series at the 26th edition of the international BES (Broadcast Engineering Society) conference and exhibition – BES EXPO 2020, at New Delhi. The theme of the BES Expo revolved around the Disruptive Technologies shaping future broadcasting.

At the event, NetRack showcased their NRS Rack Series along with intelligent PDUs, KVM Console, and colored PDUs. The concept and the products were well accepted by the attendees. NRS Series are rigid racks suitable for Severs, Networking, AV, Telecom, Broadcasting and lab application.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Krishnaraj U, Solution Architect at NetRack said “BES Expo provides a good platform to exhibit our products and acts as a medium to connect with industry leaders and IT professionals. This was a fruitful event as it provided an exposure to the latest technology disruptors in the industry. We are glad to exhibit our NRS series along with intelligent PDU & colored PDU for power & KVM console for server management. We have designed these racks to cater to various applications of the Broadcasting Industry. Considering the issues, we offer a variety of products that deal with the modern concerns of organizations, including cooling arrangements, heat dissipation, cable management and also effective power consumption. Our entire product portfolio can be customized based on customers’ requirements.

NRS Series Floor Mount has been designed with highest quality standards under stringent ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 27001 | ISO 45001 & UL certification norms resulting not only in low weight and an elegant appearance but also permits quick assembly. Due to the rigidity provided by the steel end-frames, it handles equipment loads of up to 750Kg with casters & 1250Kg with Levelers / Plinth.

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About NetRack

NetRack Enclosures foresees itself as a single window solutions provider for all data, network, and server related concerns. NetRack’s mission is to deliver time bound quality products that are superiorly designed and precision engineered to perfection, to help the customers overcome their constraints while enabling scalability and increased performance at a reduced cost. NetRack guarantees to offer its clients good customer support services for problem solving and better relations.

Improved customer relations, employee welfare, and transformation at all levels to achieve more than what they have achieved so far. The company wishes to upgrade itself through research and development of newer technologies for enhanced performance, scalability and cost effective products to cut costs to the customer. To know more, please visit

Crayon Bags ‘Best Solution Provider of the Year’ Award for Software Analytics & Cloud Transformation Solutions at UBS Forums

February 28, 2020

The event witnessed the most influential gathering of CIOs and industry experts to discuss the best strategies to stay relevant in the age of disruption

MUMBAI, India – February 27, 2020 – Crayon, a leading global software and cloud expert, was recognized as the ‘Best Solution Provider of the Year 2019’ in the category ‘Software Analytics & Cloud Transformation’ by UBS Forums. With the advancements in technology, digital transformation, AI, Analytics, ML and more, this year, UBS Forums offered a chance to CIOs to share their insights in driving business growth and value.

Held at The St. Regis, Mumbai, the conclave highlighted the best strategies to adapt and stay relevant in the age of disruption, drive business value through digital transformation and, innovation while discussing the challenges faced by CIOs.

Crayon was awarded for its Software Analytics & Cloud Transformation Solutions. The award is the acknowledgment of Crayon creating a satisfied customer base in India by ensuring that their product-line/solutions are in line with the latest trends and demands in the market.

We have added one more feather to our cap. This recognition is the acknowledgment of we serving our customers right. While the sky has no limit, we do understand that we have a long way to go, but appreciations and recognitions like these help us gear up the confidence in our growth curve,” said Vikas Bhonsle, CEO at Crayon India.

The UBS Forums — CIO Conclave is designed to help CIOs to deal with the new age challenges. With so many new age technologies coming in, the need for advanced solutions is higher than ever. The key takeaway from this year’s conclave was how to deliver better ROI, promote agile practices, bolsters technology talent, and managing portfolio of initiatives through modernized infrastructure, automated IT delivery and transformations to improve business agility.

It was indeed a great experience to be a part of transformative learning through an ideal mix of panel discussions, success stories (use cases), best practices to adapt and think tank session to actively engage participants beyond the traditional one way information stream,” Vikas further added.

Within a short span of time, Crayon Software Experts has proved itself as one of the best choices for a complete software solution in the Indian market. The company got a strong exponential topline growth of approximately 72% in 2019 and have successfully enhanced the customer base by two fold in 2019 across India. Furthermore, the company has been the heir of many accolades and recognitions from leading media houses and prospective vendors, which proves their vigor as a leading Cloud Player.

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About Crayon

Crayon, a global leader in IT and digital transformation services and the largest independent ‘cloud economics’ practice, strongly believes in “Pay-per-usage” model — organizations must pay for the IT resources they actually need. Crayon is the most reliable and trusted technical advisor for many of the world’s leading organizations. Through unique people, tools, and systems, the company ensures the best ROI from complex technology investments.

Crayon – specialized in software asset management (SAM), cloud and volume licensing and associated consulting services, is headquartered in Oslo, Norway with offices around the world. For more information,

EverestIMS showcases the Infraon OSS Suite at Digital Transformation Middle East at Dubai; Helps Telcos and Communication Service Providers in Digital Transformation

February 27, 2020

BANGKOK, Thailand / BENGALURU, India – February 27, 2020 – EverestIMS Technologies Pvt Ltd (EverestIMS), an Indian product company with a rich market experience in the I&O and Digital Transformation space, recently participated in TM Forum’s Digital Transformation Middle East held at Dubai, UAE. EverestIMS showcased its ‘Infraon OSS Product Suite and Infraon Service Manager‘ while sharing crucial insights on how their products help Telcos and Communication Service Providers in digital transformation.

DTME was an overwhelming success in Dubai. It was geared towards finding out how industry leaders are transforming their operating environment to be ready for a 5G society. As TM Forum’s flagship conference for the Middle East, this event bought together industry thought-leaders and practitioners together to collaborate and share for two intensive days. The event saw 252 attendees, 93 unique companies, and 34 countries being represented.

The EverestIMS team showcased the Infraon OSS Suite to an eager audience while discussing how EverestIMS products help re-imagine customer experiences and engagement with AI, along with developing a winning digital operating model.

Satish Kumar V CEO at EverestIMS said, “DTME has provided us a great platform to make industry leaders and professionals aware about the Infraon OSS Product Suite. The event helped us to network with fellow communication service providers and showcase Infraon’s capabilities for the Telco space. It was a great experience to be part of DTME while gaining from numerous experiences and sharing ours too.”

Some of the largest communication service providers and suppliers from across the globe came together to candidly share the lessons they have learned in accelerating their internal digital transformation; overcoming organizational, technical and operational roadblocks for a culture of innovation.

The event touched upon an array of the features ranging from virtualization, simplification, automation, and truly data-driven intelligence, to the radical shift in the role of technology, organizational design, and culture needed to serve a new generation of B2B and B2C customers.

The EverestIMS team came away with a host of rich experiences while paving the way for myriad new business opportunities and partnerships.

About EverestIMS Technologies

EverestIMS Technologies (Everest) is an Indian product company. Everest is a veteran in the IoT space with exemplary experience in digital transformation across industries and enterprises. The company is founded by a group of technocrats who have been working with each other for over 14 years and have a combined experience of close to 100+ years in the I&O scape. With a rich market experience in the I&O space, the company has built its widespread presence across the country through its distinctive product portfolio. The organization specializes in providing integrated IT solutions to empower corporations and enterprises to deliver enhanced services to their end-users.

For more information, visit:

AMANI Launches Explosive Series of Earphones ASP-E1322

February 26, 2020

With chic design and structure, earphones gives audio fidelity with premium surround sound experience that enthralls music adorers

New Delhi, India – February 26, 2020 – AMANI, a mobile accessories brand known for delivering quality products across India, recently unveiled the AMANI ASP-E1322 earphones. The earphones are elegantly designed to suite the requirements of high quality music and allows listeners and adorers to hear the music as artists aspire to hear. Explosive Series of earphones are in-built with enhanced bass and passive noise isolation features.

ASP-E1322 earphones provide its users unrivaled sound quality and comfort while listening to music. With superior sound quality, comfort, and design, Explosive series of earhones delivers a premium listening experience that modulates sound to exacerbate 360 degree surround sound experience” said TarunBhutani, Managing Director at AMANI. “ASP-E1322 in-Ear earphone embodies an urban style, focused on the perfect amalgamation of high performance and the finest materials. earphone is perfect for those who demand the best audio experience without compromise on personal style

AMANI ASP-E1322 wired earphones feature 3.5 mm connectivity and have a microphone. The earphones ensure superior sound quality. The wired earphones create a stereo effect for an excellent sound quality. It is universally compatible, with laptop, tablet, smartphone, MP3 player, and MP4 player as well as personal computer. It feature a 1.2m cable and the 3.5mm jack also comes with ergonomic design, which promises a long-lasting life. AMANI ASP-E1322 integrates high quality earphones, microphone, volume and call features that are used on a phone answering or ending a call and control music playback. User can pick up the call from the earphone and return to music after ending the call. They support high resolution audio with a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. One of the lightest in its category, the AMANI ASP-E1322 weighs only 38 grams. The ergonomically designed earphones are tough and lightweight making them suitable for any workout at the gym along with the daily commute. The product comes in two variant color Black and White.

Price, Availability, and Warranty

AMANI ASP-E1322 earphones come with an MRP of Rs. 299/ – carrying a warranty of 6 months and is readily available for purchase at and dealers across India.

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AMANI is one of India’s best mobile accessories brands with its online marketplace. They provide lightning deals in a wide range of fashionable mobile accessories. Their product range has Headphones, Earphones, Power Banks, Speakers, Travel chargers and other premiums Cables. AMANI is obliged to have millions of satisfied customers across Pan India and looking forward to serving more. For more information, and online shopping please visit AMANI products are also available on AMAZON and Flipkart.

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