Crayon Service Line is a Unified Platform for Software & Cloud Advisory Services.

June 23, 2020

The Service Line gives access to Virtual Consultants in the Software Licensing, Cloud Architecture, Software & Cloud Analytics world with required OEM support through its service desk.

MUMBAI, India – June 23, 2020

Crayon, the global leader in digital transformation, has extended and enhanced its support mechanism for its Indian Customers. They have launched a unified advisory service platform for their customers to ease the support process on queries related to Licensing, Volume Licensing Cloud and Software Asset Management. Customers can now address queries by just sending an email to Crayon Service Line – Through this new Service line, Crayon has deployed Dedicated Experts and Experienced Advisors working to provide a distinctive experience for customers within business hours.

Software Licensing and Cloud consumptions are complex. The customers find it very difficult to keep pace tracking and applying the right solutions. Licensing rules are very versatile, the right use can help customers optimize costs & the risks associated with unpatched versions become the hub for cybercrime. Moving to cloud with right licensing is itself tedious & keeping the consumption costs low is another challenge. Customers find it very difficult to have all such experts. Service Line from Crayon brings all these experts under one umbrella. We are very confident that our customers will benefit from this new initiative. It also important to see through our Customer’s eyes. We want to create value by transforming our Customer’s Journey and at Crayon I can promise you it is the Customer’s end-to-end Journey,” said Vikas Bhonsle, Chief Executive Officer at Crayon India.

The core objective of the Crayon Service Line is to provide faster and qualified responses based on verified sources to complex queries on licensing, cloud, compliance, and governance. The experts at the service line have been chosen carefully. They come with industry knowledge and experience that has come after dealing with many projects.

Experts at Crayon Service Line will help customers with:

  • Right Licensing advisory to enable smart procurement in times of renewals, true ups for volume licensing, be it Microsoft Azure, IBM, Oracle, VMware, RedHat, Citrix, Veeam and other software.
  • Cloud consulting support from our cloud architects for Azure & AWS to keep pace with business continuity, backup & disaster recovery and other business-oriented cloud solutions like enterprise mobility solutions and virtual workspaces with virtual desktops.
  • Access to software and cloud analytics advisory for right sizing of your software and cloud infrastructure.
  • Software Asset Management teams for guidance with various OEM licensing, be it baselines, setting right policies & practice, certifying & training people to build inhouse teams in Software Asset Management, Hardware Asset Management and Mobile Asset Management or be it guidance in becoming an ISO 27001 certified organization.
  • Guidance on deployment and Migration from on-premise to cloud. Advisory assistance on implementations, and post-deployment support with Crayon’s Managed Services

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About Crayon

Crayon, a global leader in IT and digital transformation services and the largest independent ‘cloud economics’ practice, strongly believes in the “Pay-per-usage” model – organizations must pay for the IT resources they actually need. Crayon is the most reliable and trusted technical advisor for many of the world’s leading organizations. Crayon helps customers build the commercial and technical foundation for a successful digital transformation journey through a reliable services framework allowing our customers to right-size and optimize their IT estates to unlock technology’s potential and innovation. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Crayon has over 1600 employees across approximately 50 locations worldwide. For more information, visit:

iValue partners with Lookout to provide Enterprise Mobile Security

June 23, 2020

BENGALURU, India – June 23, 2020

iValue InfoSolutions, India’s fastest-growing technology aggregator, has partnered with American Cloud-based Mobile Security solutions provider Lookout, a cybersecurity company delivering a radically new approach to protect organizations against advanced & targeted attacks on mobile endpoints. This move is in line of strengthening iValue’s commitment to protecting and transforming digital assets of organizations across industries.

Mobile device security protects your data from security threats that lead to data breaches, unauthorized access to sensitive data, and even data loss as a result of user error or a stolen or misplaced device. Which is why, leading businesses are turning to Lookout to protect them from the unique threats encountered across the entire spectrum of mobile risk. Lookout solutions are tailored for any industry and any company size, from individual users to large global enterprises and governmental organizations. Leveraging artificial intelligence, the Lookout Security Cloud provides visibility and protection from phishing attacks, jailbroken or rooted devices, non-compliant, side-loaded or leaky applications, network and web-based threats, vulnerabilities, and other risks.

The perimeter has disappeared. Employees work from anywhere in the world and their devices access corporate data from cloud services outside of traditional security protections. Securing data in the post-perimeter world requires organizations to move critical security capabilities to endpoints and establish continuous conditional access to data based on risk. Lookout continues to lead the way in the cybersecurity industry through strategic initiatives such as the Post-Perimeter Security Alliance. And they are the only mobile threat defence vendor named to the Forbes Cloud 100 for four consecutive years.

Lookout has continuously demonstrated their leadership in technology and solution excellence backed with strong customer satisfaction in the space of Mobile End Point Security and Application Management,” said Brijesh Shrivastava, Group Business Manager at iValue InfoSolutions.”iValue’s partnership with Lookout perfectly compliments our growing Cyber Security & Data Protection portfolio and reinforces our commitment to bring relevant, compelling, and time-tested cybersecurity solutions to all our partners and customers.”

The number of smartphone users in India alone is expected to reach around 424 million by 2021. Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security makes it easy to get visibility into the entire spectrum of mobile risk, apply policies to measurably reduce those risks, and integrate into user’s existing security and mobile management solutions. Lookout solutions deliver protection from apps, networks, and device-based risks by continuously adapting its machine learning technologies to detect emerging threats with high fidelity.

We are pleased to partner and leverage iValue’s vast customer and rich partner eco-system serving enterprises across various industries, for effectively addressing the evolving Mobile Security needs of customers. Lookout is committed to invest and grow India business along with iValue.” said Don Tan, Senior Director – APJ at Lookout

Lookout enables post-perimeter security by monitoring risk at the endpoint, including phishing threats, to provide continuous conditional access to corporate resources. This happens only when there is an acceptable level of risk, and the device complies with the policy.

The need to secure your mobile end-points to protect your data in today’s post-perimeter, privacy focussed world had never been more imperative than today with your applications and data migrating to the cloud and 5G wireless networks right around the corner. Powered by more than 180 Million+ individual users and leveraging AI, Lookout hosts the largest dataset of mobile code in the world,” said Navneet Singh, Business Manager at iValue Infosolutions. “Lookout’s Mobile Endpoint Security, Phishing – Content protection & App Defence solutions will definitely help corporates to manage their data and applications effectively by providing an unprecedented level of visibility and management for their BYOD initiatives and mobile users.”

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About iValue InfoSolutions

A premium technology enabler, iValue InfoSolutions drives “Go to Market” for Niche, Compelling and Complimentary offerings, Digital Assets” Protection, Optimization & Transformation area, leveraging Customer Life Cycle and Product Life Cycle Adoption frameworks.

iValue mission is to optimize, protect & transform “Digital Assets” of Organizations, with leading edge & proven offerings, in collaboration with trusted partners. iValue offerings are aligned, customized & optimized for organizations, across vertical & size, through its OEM, consultant & global, national, regional and local system integrators partnership.

iValue has direct partnership with 35+ “Best of Breed” OEM’s with 6000+ Customers through 700+ partners. iValue has a direct presence across 13+ locations in multiple continents, with channel, solution, vertical & horizontal focused teams, addressing pre-sales, sales & post sales needs of Customer, Consultants & Partner, for Private, Public and Hybrid cloud needs. Apart from India, iValue overseas presence include Nairobi, Kenya office for Africa foray.

The team at iValue leverage Analytics for its structured and targeted business development at Customers along with AI driven CRM solution for ensuring profitable growth for its partners and OEM.

iValue has been growing consistently at 4+ times market growth rates, at 50%+ CAGR for the last 12+ years.

For more information, visit iValue and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Lookout

Lookout is the leader in mobile security, protecting the device at the intersection of the personal you and the professional you. Our mission is to secure and empower our digital future in a privacy-focused world where mobile devices are essential to all we do for work and play. We enable consumers and employees to protect their data and to securely stay connected without violating their privacy and trust. Our platform uses artificial intelligence to analyze data from nearly 200 million devices and over 100 million apps to protect you from the full spectrum of mobile risk. As a result, Lookout delivers modern endpoint security with the most comprehensive protection from device, network, app and phishing threats without prying into your data. For more information, visit Lookout and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter

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