Single Pair Ethernet is an Extension of the Digital Ceiling Concept for Reducing Cost at Short Notice

August 31, 2020

Experts agree that Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is becoming a key technology in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). However, no one is yet been able to say exactly how and where SPE will be used. Due to a range of different interests, the committees are avoiding addressing open questions.

Single Pair Ethernet is a network technology with revolutionary potential and is currently being worked on. Several committees are working at high pressure on the standards. But there is still a significant need for clarification until SPE can expand in building automation and in the LAN,” said Shajan George, Technical Director at R&M India

For example, to date, the standardization committees have not dealt sufficiently with the influence of remote power supply (Power over Data Line, PoDL) or the implementation of multi-drop capability. To save time, they are focusing almost exclusively on point-to-point connections without a remote power supply. And that results in the following situation: The standards for the SPE cabling link are today at the same level as those for existing cabling (Cat. 5, 6, 6A or 8.1). But that does not mean that SPE should replace the tried and tested RJ45 interface. The possible uses still have to be fully discussed.

SPE as an extension of the digital ceiling

One specific operational area is building automation. R&M is convinced that SPE is perfect for connecting a large number of applications in building automation to the data network. SPE components are much smaller than RJ45 adapters. Therefore the connection density on network devices can be increased. The connectors on sensors and actuators can be downsized. The cabling will become comparatively inexpensive. However, SPE does not support the bandwidths which classic structured cabling with the tried and tested RJ45 interfaces enable. Applications such as WiFi6 and 5G DAS require bandwidths over 10 Gbit/s. Currently SPE can only provide 10 Mbit/s on the required distances of up to 100 m. This means that initially SPE is not suitable as cabling for an application-neutral infrastructure in a building or on a campus.

Things will become interesting, however, within the digital ceiling zones, between the service outlet (SO) and small IoT applications. From the point of view of R&M, there are diverse and new possibilities here for SPE. The ISO/IEC 11801-6 standard already makes it possible to use application-specific cabling after the service outlet. This has thus laid the foundation stone for a solution for the network connection of light, temperature, smoke and air sensors or controls for windows and blinds.

The SPE solutions build on R&M’s long-term experience in structured cabling do not require any additional cabling and just minimal investment to integrate Single Pair Ethernet in a digital ceiling infrastructure. This once more confirms the advantages of the digital ceiling concept. It offers investment and future security. This is how Single Pair Ethernet can be realized cost effectively at short notice.

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R&M (Reichle & De-Massari AG) is a leading global producer of future-proof products and systems for communication and data networks. The company’s close collaboration with certified partners results in pioneering work in the sectors LAN, Public and Telecom Networks as well as Data Centers. The Swiss family company stands for innovation, quality, and customer orientation. Thanks to the innovative strength of the company, R&M now covers the entire connectivity range.

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Feel the Freedom of Huge Storage and Speedy Transfers with ADATA’s Range of External Storage Devices

August 28, 2020

NEW DELHI, India – August 28, 2020 – ADATA, a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash storage application products and accessories, introduced a wide range of external storage devices from External HDD, SSD to SD Card and UFD. ADATA’s SE800 external SSDs are set to take on the rugged branch of the external SSD market. Featuring a number of safety features and support for faster read/write speed of 1000 MB/s, the SE800 External SSD ensures enhanced performance using the USB 3.2 Gen 2, interface making data transfers fast and furious. Shock-resistance, dust-proofing, and waterproof makes the SE800 SSD durable. It also meets MIL-STD-810G 516.6 impact resistance standard. Built with a hairline-brushed and elegant metal surface with IP68 rating making it great and attractive in look.

ADATA is committed to providing top-notch memory solutions that enrich the customer’s digital life and has been known for the world’s largest memory product providers. We at ADATA Technology truly understand professionalism and innovation. The company’s dedication to integrity and professionalism has made ADATA the leading memory brand with the most award-winning product designs.” said, Sachin Sharma, Country Manager – India at ADATA Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd.Online gaming has become one of the options to stay at home among the youths and resulted in the high demand of the gaming products. We at ADATA thrives to launch the top notch gaming peripherals to fulfill the requirements of our customers“.

SE760 External Solid State Drive

The ADATA SE760 has a compact, streamlined design that is great for on the go. Its sleek metal exterior with a textured hairline-brushed surface looks and feels great. The SSD implements the USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface, allowing it to reach read/write speeds of up to 1,000 MB/s, which is over 12 times faster than an external hard drive. This blazing-fast performance allows users to transfer a 10GB 4K movie in approximately twenty seconds. The SE760 offers all the great advantages of SSDs over HDDs, including shock and vibration resistance and silent operation. It plugs and plays with Windows, Mac OS, and Android, that means users can move content between devices without limitations. Whether for work or enjoyment, the SE760 empowers users with advantages of an SSD, simple connectivity, and the convenience of USB-C.

SD600Q External Solid State Drive

The SD600Q is encased in a shock-absorbing silicone case that extends maximum protection for the data & drive inside. Meeting the MIL-STD-810G 516.6 standard, it can survive falls from 1.22 meters and is darn tough. It features a shock-resistance construction, heat dissipation capabilities, silent operation, and is power efficient. Combined with its palm-sized form factor, weighing just 60g. It slips easily in and out of your pocket & bag. Extremely mobile & portable makes it easy to share across different platforms. The device is driver-free and compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Android and supports hot plugging. It works out of the box with laptops, tablets, smartphones, and game consoles. This makes sharing and moving your content across platforms super easy, without worrying about lengthy installs.

HD710 Pro External Hard Drive

The HD710 Pro offers up to 4TB capacity. It exceeds IEC IP68 requirements, being completely dust-tight and able to withstand up to 60-minute submersion in 2 meters of water. It also meets and passes MIL-STD 810G 516.6 requirements, surviving shocks and impacts associated with drops from up to 1.5 meters. The HD710 Pro uses a custom triple-layered protective build and implements G-Shock sensor technology that stops and restarts drive activity when shocks or vibrations are detected to prevent data corruption. The drive features an ergonomic USB port cover for effortless open/close, and a useful wraparound groove for storing its USB cable. Red, yellow, and blue variants are available in 1TB/2TB, while the black version goes up to 3TB/4TB.


HD830 External Hard Drive

The HD830’s tough aluminum exterior is not just capable of surviving nasty drops and blunt force, but can also handle 3000kg of downward pressure, roughly equivalent to the combined weight of fifty average-sized people. A three-layer construction provides complete protection inside and outside, including a tough outer silicone casing that comes in black or blue, shock-absorbing buffer, and cushioned mounting that firmly holds the drive in place. Additionally, HD830 is the best companion in keeping content safe as it offers excellent water and dust protection. It works normally even in a dusty environment or after being submerged in 2-meter-deep water for up to 120 minutes.

The partners can reach out to ADATA sales representatives:

Ashwini: 8566950003 for North India

Hanuman: 9029997111 for East India

Ramesh: 9892544391 for West India

Shivraj: 9900508823 for South India.

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ADATA Technology, one of the world’s largest vendors of DRAM modules and USB flash drives, provides complete solutions, including memory cards, solid-state drives, and portable hard drives. ADATA products also include on the go power for mobile devices and the company is now a major provider of advanced LED lighting. ADATA products continue to garner international acclaim from organizations such as iF Design Awards (Germany), red dot Awards, CES Best of Innovations Awards, Good Design Awards (Japan), Best Choice of Computex Awards, and Taiwan Excellence Gold Awards. The company’s slogan of Love, Life, and Dreams embodies the ADATA brand and the role of innovative memory products in the human pursuit of universally cherished ideas. For more information, please visit

Cyberattacks Halt Trading At New Zealand Stock Exchange

August 27, 2020

The New Zealand stock exchange was hit by back-to-back cyberattacks that has halted trading three days in a row. The DDoS attack is reported to be from abroad and impacted network connectivity.

Satnam Narang, Staff Research Engineer from Tenable weighs in on the matter.

Stock exchanges are a critical function of national and global economies, making them an attractive target for cybercriminals.

It’s certainly concerning that a DDoS attack was successful at halting trading on the New Zealand stock exchange for multiple days, whether or not financial information was accessed. These events should serve as an alarm bell for the exchange to investigate its defenses against cyberattacks as well as launch a broader investigation into the strength of its overall security posture.

Similar DDoS attacks have been attempted on other stock exchanges in the past. However, that was quite a long time ago and DDoS attacks have gotten more sophisticated.

 As financial organizations become more reliant on the Internet of Things (IoT), cybercriminals can leverage unpatched devices to launch stronger, more sophisticated DDoS attacks. Until organizations get their hands around the new devices and vulnerabilities in their environments, DDoS attacks will continue to be a threat.” — Satnam Narang, Staff Research Engineer at Tenable

Crayon enters into a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Amazon Web Services

August 27, 2020

The agreement further strengthens Crayon’s cloud services and transformation capabilities

OSLO, Norway/MUMBAI, India – August 27, 2020

Crayon, a global leader in digital transformation services, is proud to announce it has entered into a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This relationship will help both Crayon and AWS to bring innovation to clients faster, and help them best leverage the transformational power, economics, and agility of the cloud.

Enterprise customers are increasingly relying on AWS to achieve their target business outcomes faster by transitioning to a modern, optimized, cloud-based model. Crayon has a strong track record in migration strategy, implementation, total cost optimization, and cloud economics services. This relationship will help customers have a best-in-class service team to understand what software and infrastructure they have and how to best manage their overall IT estate once they are operating in the cloud.

According to global research and advisory firm Gartner Group, Inc., spending on cloud infrastructure is projected to grow by nearly 60% in the next two years, while investments in data center systems is projected to decline. This means organizations will have to be smart about their IT investments. Crayon can provide the guidance, tools and expertise to properly manage costs, governance and security in the cloud.

Collaborating with AWS has been a part of our strategy to build an even stronger commitment to our customers’ success. Alongside AWS we will deliver services to enable our customers to digitally transform, achieve operational efficiencies, and maximize cost optimization to strengthen their performance,” says Crayon Group CEO Torgrim Takle. “Putting the customer first is in the DNA of Crayon and AWS, and together we will serve more organizations worldwide with world-class solutions.”

Crayon has spent the last several years developing and diversifying its cloud services offerings. Both Crayon and AWS expect this latest collaboration to benefit customers wanting to optimize their overall IT estate utilizing best practices in their cloud adoption framework.

We at Crayon cater to customers including large global enterprises that are leaders in their industries. Crayon is dedicated to help customers in achieving impressive cost savings while building scalable infrastructure. This collaboration with AWS is a natural & mature progression in my opinion, to make digital and cloud transformation feasible for many applications and industry sectors today. This is a fantastic approach and this new move will inspire more Customers to make good use of our Strategic Partnership” said Crayon India, CEO, Vikas Bhonsle.

One of those customers who has seen first-hand the power of Crayon and AWS working together is The Future Group, a global technology and creative services company which handles many high-profile projects including those from The Weather Channel and the Super Bowl.

At The Future Group we have had the great fortune to be able to draw on Crayon’s deep knowledge in software development, cloud operations and AWS’s wide range of services, to help us build and deliver one of the world’s most advanced Mixed Reality solutions for the broadcast industry in record time,” said Marcus Brodersen, CEO in The Future Group.

Crayon serves customers in more than 45 countries spanning Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Crayon has demonstrated a longstanding commitment of putting customers first and helping them find effective ways to optimize the costs of their IT spend,” said Doug Yeum, Head of Worldwide Channel and Alliances, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “We are delighted to collaborate with Crayon to continue guiding customers through their cloud adoption journey.”

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Crayon, a global leader in IT and digital transformation services and the largest independent ‘cloud economics’ practice, strongly believes in “Pay-per-usage” model — organizations must pay for the IT resources they actually need. Crayon is the most reliable and trusted technical advisor for many of the world’s leading organizations. Through unique people, tools, and systems, the company ensures the best ROI from complex technology investments. Crayon — specialized in software asset management (SAM), cloud and volume licensing and associated consulting services, is headquartered in Oslo, Norway with offices around the world. For more information, visit:

Array Networks Joins the ‘Make in India’ Initiative by Manufacturing Their Products Locally

August 27, 2020

BENGALURU, India – August 27, 2020 – Array Networks India Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of Array Networks Inc., a Network Functions Platform Company, today announced their undertaking into the production of hardware and software products reinforcing its commitment to the ‘Make in India’ initiative. Array had broached about the company’s plan to go beyond application delivery and launch its security product this year and the plan is now a reality, where the Company will be focusing on producing Networking & Security products.

Array’s operation in India is one of the top contributors to the company’s overall global growth. The large percentage of this impressive growth has come from the Government, BFSI, aviation, entertainment and education verticals. With the Government as our key customer, we believe that the customers’ confidence will increase with our commitment towards the Make in India initiative. As the government is now focused on digitization and cyber security, the network and security products produced in India will receive a major boost,” said Shibu Paul, Vice PresidentInternational Sales at Array Networks.

The product manufacturing unit has been set up in Bengaluru and is expected to generate employment in India. As the hardware products being produced are for Networking and Security, it will benefit the PSUs, state and central government agencies, and the defense sector. In the coming years, Array Networks will continue to design cutting-edge solutions for Enterprise and Government customers and join the government’s Make in India bandwagon.

India is a Key Market for Array Networks

India is one of the fastest-growing regions for Array Networks and has good growth momentum. Array has considered India to be one of the key focus markets and growth engines. With the country’s excellent talent pool for software development, R&D and support, the company is providing a huge opportunity for the local workforce through this initiative. Array has the advantage of being the first mover in this product segment that will aid in creating and delivering value to all stakeholders.

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About Array Networks

Array Networks solves performance and complexity challenges for businesses moving toward virtualized networking, security and application delivery. Array addresses the growing market demand for network functions virtualization (NFV), cloud computing, and software-centric networking. Proven at more than 5,000 worldwide customer deployments, Array is recognized by leading analysts, enterprises, service providers and partners for pioneering next-generation technology that delivers agility at scale.

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