NetRack extends a helping hand to Karnataka flood victims

September 12, 2019

Contributes INR 10 lakh to Karnataka Flood Relief Program and 3000 

saplings to Isha foundation towards Cauvery campaign

BENGALURU, India – September 12, 2019 – The heavy water discharge from the Maharashtra reservoir due to heavy Rains in the particular areas has severely affected the North Karnataka districts of Belagavi, Bijapur, Raichur, Kalburgi, Yadgir and Uttara Kannada. Karnataka received nearly five times the rainfall it normally used to have, adding to the severity of the floods across 12 districts. Excess rainfall is the main possible factor that caused and intensified floods.

NetRack, a leading solution provider for data centers and end-to-end IT server racks, acted and came forward to help the recent flood-affected victims in Karnataka. The company contributed INR 10 lakhs to help the flood affected victims in Karnataka. Besides, NetRack also donated 3000 saplings to Isha foundation towards Save Cauvery Campaign, urging on the importance of trees in holding the soil during floods.

Mr. Ravi Raj, Brand Head, Director, Sales & Support at NetRack said, “We at NetRack feel proud to be able to extend our support to help the flood-affected regions with our small contribution. Also, I would like to thank the Karnataka police along with the Indian Air Force, civilians, NGOs, volunteers, fishermen from coastal Karnataka who had actively taken part in the rescue operations.”

Like NetRack, out there are many NGOs, rescue teams, including personnel State Disaster Response Force (SDRF), National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and the Army, who extended their helping hands for the restoration of flood-affected regions of Karnataka.

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About NetRack

NetRack Enclosures foresees itself as a single window solutions provider for all data, network and server related concerns. NetRack’s mission is to deliver time bound quality products that are superiorly designed and precision engineered to perfection, to help the customers overcome their constraints while enabling scalability and increased performance at a reduced cost. NetRack guarantees to offer its clients good customer support services for problem solving and better relations.

Improved customer relations, employee welfare and transformation at all levels to achieve more than what they have achieved so far. The company wishes to upgrade itself through research and development of newer technologies for enhanced performance, scalability and cost effective products to cut costs to the customer. To know more, please visit


Kobian Launches Mercury 750 UPS To Safeguard PCs against Power Disruption

September 11, 2019

Microprocessor-controlled power solution featuring Auto-restart while AC recovery & AC overload protection

NEW DELHI, India – September 11, 2019 – Mercury, a brand of Kobian Pte Ltd, today announced the Pan-India availability of Marvel 750 – line-interactive UPS. Using cutting edge technology, these UPS are designed for the SOHO segment and also supports work environment with large data and crucial projects. It provides protection from damaging surges and spikes.

Owing to unpredictable climatic conditions of typhoons, rains, lightning strikes, power outages, and instantaneous voltage drops are becoming common and such sudden accidents can lead to malfunctions of computers and precision instruments. Power outages or blackouts can cause major problems like data loss, productivity, security and even profits. In addition, these also pose a serious risk to electrical equipment/home appliances. Even though modern appliances have several safeguards, there are still risks one should be aware of, especially if their business relies on continued operations.


Mercury’s Marvel 750 high-efficiency UPS system helps to protect critical customer PC and data from power troubles while at the same time has a Green Power function for energy saving.

Kobian has been synonyms to quality by offering top-notch technologies and the products which address the real needs of the end customers. Marvel 750 UPS is designed to bring simplified power protection with unmatched power reliability and offer a cost-effective solution to our customers,” said, Sushmita Das, Country Manager at Kobian Pte Ltd.

Marvel 750 UPS is specially designed for domestic use with multi-functions. It is equipped with boost and buck AVR to stabilize the input voltage range. Also, the built-in DC start function of the product enables the UPS to be started up without AC power supply. Backed with a high-efficiency Battery backup, the UPS provides Overload protection through software. It is light in weight and compact in design to be a perfect fit for limited workspaces.

Price, Availability, and Warranty

The Marvel 750 UPS comes with a price of Rs.1,699 /-, carrying a warranty of 2 years. It is immediately available through the Kobian network of authorized distributors and dealers.

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About Kobian Pte Ltd

Since its inception in 1978, Kobian has always led the way, breaking boundaries and taking on new challenges head-on. From the onset, Kobian has cultured a passion for innovation through the development of easy-to-use, dependable technology to bring out the very best in people.

Operating in more than 8 countries around the world, including India, Indian subcontinent, ASEAN countries, Africa and MEA, Kobian applies new thinking and ideas to create simple, valuable and trusted experiences with technology, continually improving the way customers live and work.

Kobian offers a complete technology product portfolio through Mercury, comprehensively meeting customers’ specific needs. Thanks to a solid management team, Kobian’s performance has been consistently strong in volatile environments &

Microsoft’s September 2019 Patch Tuesday: Tenable Roundup

September 11, 2019

Microsoft’s September 2019 Patch Tuesday release contains updates for 79 CVEs, 17 of which are rated critical. In the wake of BlueKeep in May, and the four additional CVEs for Remote Desktop Services in August (DejaBlue), Microsoft has addressed four new CVEs for Remote Desktop Client. Additionally, Microsoft patched two elevation of privilege bugs which have been exploited in the wild this month. Click here to read the complete breakdown of the most important CVEs from this month’s release.

Satnam NarangSenior Research Engineer at Tenable said, “This month’s Patch Tuesday release contains updates for nearly 80 CVEs, including four critical vulnerabilities in the Remote Desktop Client, and two Elevation of Privilege vulnerabilities exploited in the wild as zero-days.

Since Microsoft warned about BlueKeep (CVE-2019-0708) in May, Microsoft’s Platform Security Assurance & Vulnerability Research team identified additional vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop, patching four critical flaws in August in Remote Desktop Services, dubbed “DejaBlue.” This month, Microsoft’s internal research teams identified four new critical vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop Client (CVE-2019-1290, CVE-2019-1291, CVE-2019-0787, CVE-2019-0788). Unlike BlueKeep and DejaBlue, where attackers target vulnerable Remote Desktop servers, these vulnerabilities require an attacker to convince a user to connect to a malicious Remote Desktop server. Attackers could also compromise vulnerable servers and host malicious code on them and wait for users to connect to them

Microsoft also patched two vulnerabilities that were exploited in the wild as zero-days. CVE-2019-1214 is an elevation of privilege vulnerability in the Windows Common Log File System (CLFS) Driver, while CVE-2019-1215 is an elevation of privilege vulnerability in the Winsock IFS Driver (ws2ifsl.sys). Both flaws exist due to improper handling of objects in memory by the respective drivers. Elevation of Privilege vulnerabilities are utilized by attackers post-compromise, once they’ve managed to gain access to a system in order to execute code on their target systems with elevated privileges.


iValue Partners with Smokescreen to Help Businesses Detect Advanced Cyber Threats with Deception Technology

September 10, 2019

BENGALURU, India – September 10, 2019 – iValue InfoSolutions, a leader in optimizing, protecting and transforming digital assets, has partnered with Smokescreen Technologies, a pioneer in deception-based threat defence technology, to deliver the next-generation of threat detection and response systems. Smokescreen offers deception-based threat detection solutions that protect some of the most targeted enterprises globally, including leading financial institutions, critical infrastructure, and Fortune 500 companies.

iValue continues to partner with leading-edge technology providers thus helping customers in their digital transformation journey. Smokescreen is the latest entrant in iValue’s compelling and complementary offerings in the Data, Network and Application Management, and Protection space. Smokescreens proprietary deception platform, IllusionBLACK. detects, deflects and defeats advanced hackers in a manner that is false-positive free and easy to implement. It effectively handles multiple avenues of attack and augments the response capabilities that most companies have.

iValue boasts of a distinctive go-to-market for focused practices that comprise BFSI, Government, Enterprise and Channels. There is also an experienced team engaging consultants, Big 4s as well as regional consultants primarily on the GOI and banking projects apart from the large enterprise opportunities. Empowered by analytics for business development, iValue has been delivering 4x market growth for its OEMs consistently over the last 10 years. Smokescreen with its cutting-edge 3rd generation deception platform, is tremendously poised to enable iValue’s 3500+ strong enterprise customer base.

We are thrilled to join hands with Smokescreen whose deception based ‘active defence’ philosophy is the result of securing the most targeted organizations in the world against advanced threats, and has proved its effectiveness time and again in the real world” said Subodh Anchan, VPAlliance, iValue InfoSolutions. “iValues large pool of Enterprise customers will benefit from Smokescreen’s product capabilities that use a combination of deception and machine learning to detect cyberattacks that bypass the protection mechanisms in place

Commenting on the partnership, Mandar Patil, Director Sales, Smokescreen, saidWe’re excited to be associated with a technology enabler like iValue, that boasts of a rich ecosystem. iValue’s GTM practices complement our product roadmap and we look forward to help transform the threat detection and response capabilities of their 3500+ enterprise customers

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About iValue InfoSolutions

A premium technology enabler, iValue InfoSolutions drives “Go to Market” for Niche, Compelling and Complimentary offerings, Digital Assets” Protection, Optimization & Transformation area, leveraging Customer Life Cycle and Product Life Cycle Adoption frameworks.

iValue mission is to optimize, protect & transform “Digital Assets” of Organizations, with leading edge & proven offerings, in collaboration with trusted partners. iValue offerings are aligned, customized & optimized for organizations, across vertical & size, through its OEM, consultant & global, national, regional and local system integrators partnership.

iValue has direct partnership with 35+ “Best of Breed” OEM’s with 6000+ Customers through 700+ partners. iValue has a direct presence across 13+ locations in multiple continents, with channel, solution, vertical & horizontal focused teams, addressing pre-sales, sales & post sales needs of Customer, Consultants & Partner, for Private, Public and Hybrid cloud needs. Apart from India, iValue overseas presence include Nairobi, Kenya office for Africa foray.

The team at iValue leverage Analytics for its structured and targeted business development at Customers along with AI driven CRM solution for ensuring profitable growth for its partners and OEM.

iValue has been growing consistently at 4+ times market growth rates, at 50%+ CAGR for the last 10+ years.

For more information, visit iValue and Twitter and follow us on LinkedIn.

About Smokescreen

Smokescreen is a global pioneer in deception-based threat defence technology. Founded in 2015 to create the next generation of cyber-security detection and response systems, the company today protects some of the most targeted organisations in the world including Fortune 500s, global banks, stock exchanges, and critical infrastructure. IllusionBLACK, the company’s distributed deception platform, runs the world’s largest deception deployment, has won several awards and has been rated as the best deception solution in head-to-head bake-offs.

For more information, visit the Smokescreen website

TechnoBind caters Super Micro’s Resource-Saving and 5G Ready Systems in India market

September 5, 2019

Resource-Saving servers and storage systems along with new 5G Edge Solutions are now available in India market

BENGALURU, India – September 5, 2019 – TechnoBind, India’s first specialist distributor for data and associated domains, announced the availability of Super Micro’s latest products, resource-saving server and 5G edge solutions with TechnoBind for India market.

Super Micro resource saving products enables enterprises to save OPEX and achieve green infrastructure. It comes with a unique feature where it disaggregates the CPU and memory from the other subsystems, making each resource refreshed independently. This allows data centers to reduce refresh cycle costs and e-waste. Further savings are achieved through shared power and free-air cooling solutions.

The other Super Micro’s solution that TechnoBind will be responsible for increasing visibility in India is 5G and IoT Edge solutions that address the increasing demands of 5G transition of supporting infrastructure. . Super Micro’s NVMe all-flash server and storage systems, deliver low latency and fast response storage performance critical to 5G applications. The company’s new Petascale line of all-flash NVMe™ 1U storage servers support next-generation flash technology with the highest storage bandwidth, best IOPS performance, NVMe over Fabrics support and ease of maintenance. With Super Micro’s 5G ready systems, customers can implement AI and green computing solutions.

We feel privileged to be associated with Super Micro. They are strongly committed to providing customers the newest technologies which help them drive leading performance and improved TCO with higher server performance“, said Mr. Adrian Johnson, Director – Technology at TechnoBind. “Super Micro’s latest Resource-Saving servers deliver better data center performance, better TCO and have less impact on the environment. To address the demand for game-changing 5G infrastructure, Super Micro introduced new 5G and IoT Edge products that support all open container architectures not only to accelerate analytics and AI at the Edge but also to enable anything anywhere as a Service. All these products are available and catered by TechnoBind across India market.”

Through its well established channel community, TechnoBind is prepared to cater Super Micro’s resource-saving and 5G ready solutions across India. TechnoBind is a Bangalore-based India’s fastest growing specialist partner in IT focusing on Data and related solutions. The company offers consulting services for organizations to help them focus on reducing costs, mitigate risk and improve productivity along with maximizing returns on investments. The company has a presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Nepal, Bangladesh and Singapore.

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About TechnoBind

TechnoBind is the first Specialist Distributor in the Indian IT channel space, offering a hybrid distribution model placed synergistically between broad-based and niche distribution, to deliver high business value for its reseller partners. TechnoBind helps partners to implement solutions, which solve specific business pain points arising out of the rapidly changing facets of technology for businesses. The company’s sole focus has been on technologies that help the customer handle his Data and the associated challenges of Data Treatment. For more information, visit

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