Zero-Day Vulnerability in Mozilla Firefox Exploited in Targeted Attacks

January 10, 2020

By Satnam Narang on January 8th, 2020 – On January 8, Mozilla Foundation released a security advisory to address a critical zero-day flaw in Mozilla Firefox, which has been exploited in targeted attacks.


CVE-2019-17026 is a type confusion vulnerability in IonMonkey, the JavaScript Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler for SpiderMonkey, Mozilla’s JavaScript engine. According to Mozilla’s advisory, the flaw exists in the JIT compiler due to “incorrect alias information for setting array elements,” specifically in StoreElementHole and FallibleStoreElement.

The vulnerability was reported to Mozilla by researchers at Qihoo 360 ATA. Mozilla’s advisory states they are “aware of targeted attacks in the wild abusing this flaw.” Based on this note in the advisory, it appears the vulnerability was exploited in the wild as a zero-day. Further information about the exploitation was not available at the time this blog post was published.

This advisory follows the release of Firefox 72 and Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) 68.4 on January 7, which included the following security advisories:

Last year, Mozilla patched CVE-2019-11707, another type confusion flaw that was used in conjunction with CVE-2019-11708, a sandbox escape vulnerability in targeted attacks.

Proof of concept

At this time, no proof of concept is available for this vulnerability.


To address CVE-2019-17026, Mozilla released Firefox 72.0.1 and Firefox ESR 68.4.1. Because this vulnerability has been exploited in targeted attacks, Firefox users are advised to upgrade as soon as possible.

Identifying affected systems

A list of Tenable plugins to identify this vulnerability will appear here as they’re released.

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Windows 7 support to end on January 14, 2020; Satnam Narang, Senior Research Engineer, comments on the importance of migration plans

January 10, 2020

With Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 coming to end of life on 14 January, meaning patching and technical support via Microsoft’s support center will no longer be available for these products. This means continuing to use either operating system after this date will put your system at risk of attack from new and unpatched vulnerabilities. Running your business on an outdated (and unsupported) system is a huge security risk.


Satnam Narang, Senior Research Engineer at Tenable said, “With Microsoft discontinuing support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 on January 14, it is imperative that consumers and businesses take steps to ensure their systems are not vulnerable. In December 2019, Microsoft released fixes for CVE-2019-1458, an elevation of privilege vulnerability that was exploited in the wild. It affects both Windows 7 and Windows 2008 systems. Users of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 who opt not to migrate to newer versions are at risk of being preyed upon by bad actors, leaving them vulnerable to attacks especially since these systems won’t be supported by Microsoft. We strongly encourage consumers and businesses to take stock of what Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 assets remain and make immediate plans for migration.

IMAGE KING Unveils Five Toner Cartridge Models for Brother Printer

January 9, 2020

  • IMAGE KING TN3428, DRBO21, TNBO21, DR2465 and TN2465 are compatible with series of Brother Printers
  • These toner cartridges carry a crisp professional look with dramatic tone and texture offering a better value for money

CHENNAI, India – January 9, 2020 – IMAGE KING, a leading national brand in compatible laser toner cartridges and printer powder, today announced the launch of the five new toner cartridges for brother printers in India – IMAGE KING TN3428, DRBO21, TNBO21, DR2465 and TN2465. These toner cartridges come with premium quality, easy to install and hassle-free printing, producing superior quality and consistency for a wide array of printing needs. These toner cartridges are expertly engineered to keep the machine running smooth.

IMAGE KING is always innovating to provide affordably, yet high-performance printing solutions to help customers lower their cost of printing, and these are the latest results of our efforts. We are extremely happy to introduce the five toner cartridge models for Brothers Printers. IMAGE KING TN3428, DRBO21, TNBO21, DR2465, and TN2465 cartridges are of high quality producing quality prints“, said Masood Khan, CEO at IMAGE STAR PVT.LTD.

Each of the IMAGE KING toner cartridges are compatible with the following models:

  1. IMAGE KING TN3428 toner cartridge is compatible with HLL5000D, HLL5100DN, HLL6200DW, HLL6400DW, MFCL5700DN, MFCL5900DW and MFCL6900DW.
  2. IMAGE KING DRBO21 toner cartridge is compatible with HL-B2000D, HL -B2050DN, DCP-B7500D, DCP – B7530DN, MFC -B7700D and MFC – B7720DN.
  3. IMAGE KING toner cartridge TNBO21 is Compatible with HL-B2000D, HL-B2050DN, DCP-B7500D, DCP-B7530Dn, MFC- B7700D and MFC – B7720DN.
  4. IMAGE KING DR2465 toner cartridge compatible with HL-L2312D/2352DW/2372DN, DCP-L2512D/2532DW, MFC-L2712DN, 2712DW/2732DW.
  5. IMAGE KING TN2465 toner cartridge compatible with DCP-L2531DW, DCP – L2535DW, DCP – L2550DW, HL- L2395DW, MFC- L2710DW, MFC-L2713DW, and MFC-L2715D

These toner cartridges work effectively and smoothly even while printing large number of pages in a single click, providing high quality prints. The cartridges can be used for various printing needs to produce high-quality full-color prints within seconds like vouchers, coupons, value-added receipts, ID tags with photos, visitor badges, price and promotion stickers, pasted labels or labels for cardboards and boxes, etc. These toner cartridges are available with Imaging dealers. Partners can place their orders for these cartridges at any of the IMAGE STAR branches.

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About IMAGE STARIMAGE KING is a flagship & leading national brand of IMAGE STAR which manufactures compatible laser toner cartridges and laser printer powder for use in leading printer brands. IMAGE KING has a strong dealer network of 5,500 dealers and 120 distributors spread across India. IMAGE KING’s compatible cartridges are considered to be the premium products across all channel partners. IMAGE KING has branch offices in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Bangalore, Secunderabad, Cochin, and Madurai, with headquarters in Chennai. For more information, please visit

BRIX Launches Universal Wireless Laser Pointer Presenter for Teachers, Students and Professionals

January 8, 2020

User can operate the slides and use its red pointer up to a distance of 50 feet, allowing the presenter to move around freely and while interacting with the audience

NEW DELHI, India – January 8, 2020 – BRIX, a leading provider of computer peripherals, today announced the launch of its BRIX Universal Wireless Remote Red Laser Presenter. The plug and play maser prenseter supports Full Screen, Back Screen, Page up, Page down and a shrap red pointer for presentations. With its secure and reliable performance through a compact USB receiver, the presenter can be used from a distance of upto 50- feet for quick slide changes, while interacting with the audience.

The plug-and-play Wireless Technology of rf 2.4 GHz is very well designed with inbuilt laser feature which helps the users to point the keypoints in the presentation“said Mr. Sanjay Garg, CEO, BRIX. “We at BRIX always strive for best and keep adding improvements to meet the market demand and this wireless presenter is for Teachers, students, Professionals to highlight the keypoints during the presentation.”

Its ergonomic design makes the user comfortable holding in hand. The plug and play wireless presenter has bright red laser light which easily helps to see against various backgrounds to highlight the points during presentations. BRIX wireless presenter is crafted with scientific ergonomic design, Abs plastics with key groove for easy finger touch.

The product is widely compatible with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ACD See, iWork, Website etc. It also removes the headache of downloading the software as slideshow clicker built-in docking bay stores receiver for easy pack up and portability. Additionally BRIX Wireless Remote Red Laser Presenter comes with the USB slot under the back cover which decrease the hassle to keep the USB.

Price, Availability, and Warranty

BRIX Wireless Remote red Laser Presenter comes with a MRP of Rs. 669/ – carrying a warranty of as per Amazon policy and is readily available immediately on Amazon for purchase.

Please click here to check other range of BRIX products.

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About PremiumAV

PremiumAV operation was started by Mr Sanjay in 1999, well known Anti-virus solution provider then for laptops and mobile devices. Mr Sanjay then took a parallel entry into the gadgets and mobile accessories segment in 2016. PremiumAV built an impressive product range of more than 2000. Today, PremiumAV has its own 10 trademark branded products on Amazon.

In early 2017, PremiumAV moved towards being a service oriented company. It took the approach of filling in the gap where vendors were finding it difficult to place their products on e-commerce portals. Adding the issues, PremiumAV today helps vendors place their products on Amazon at competitive prices, yielding more profits to the vendors. PremiumAV has a tie-up with Appario and Cloudtail to place vendor products on Amazon. As part of its esteem client list it has Quantum and Terabyte, PremiumAV has been placing these brand products exclusively on Amazon for last 1 year. PremiumAV has also signed-up Bounty Program with Amazon under the brand name “BRIX”. PremiumAV places IT products through BRIX.

As a value add, PremiumAV provides 24*7 customer care services, all the logistical support is handled by the company internally in association with Bluedart. PremiumAV helps its vendors receive the Bluedart QC. In a nutshell PremiumAV today can handle the imports, local logistics and online business for any brand. One can also make a purchase of products or read more about Premium AV on

AMANI’s Wireless Earbuds Deliver 10 hours of Non-Stop Entertainment with True HD Stereo Sound

January 8, 2020

AMANI ASP TWS 615 offers Powerful bass performance for all types of music.

CHENNAI, India – January 8, 2020 – AMANI, a mobile accessories brand known for delivering quality products across India, today announced the launch of Truly Wireless Earbuds AMANI ASP TWS 615. It is designed to deliver 10 hours of HD stereo sound with a signal charge. The wireless Earbuds is developed to support the powerful bass. They are designed ergonomically to avoid accidental falls. AMANI ASP TWS 615 offers seamless wireless connectivity of the Earbuds through Bluetooth without the hassles of wires.

We have made listening to music a much more hassle-free experience for users who love their freedom from wires. The customers now have another option to choose from AMANI’s wide audio range of products. All these products are crafted keeping in mind the challenges and requirements of today’s lifestyle“. Said Tarun Bhutani, Managing Director at AMANIWe at AMANI strive to create affordable products packed with high-quality performance for our ever-dynamic consumer’s taste. AMANI ASP TWS 615 embodies an urban style, and is a perfect amalgamation of high performance with the finest quality materials which will appeal to most of the modern and mobile audiophile.”

AMANI ASP TWS 615 Earbuds come with a smooth texture, glossy finish, easy to switch operate, and pairs quickly with devices. The case of the ASP TWS 615 has an inbuilt 950mAh battery while the earphone packs a 65mAh an inbuilt battery that can produce a total of 10 hours of music play in one charge. These true wireless Earbuds connects to other devices with Bluetooth 5.0. One can pair these Earbuds effortlessly with their smartphones as well as a variety of Bluetooth devices without the hassle of tangled wires. The maximum Bluetooth transmission distance is 10 meters. These compact Earbuds are lightweight, weighing not more than 150 grams and are just 175 mm in length. Moreover, these Earbuds are extremely comfortable and can be worn all day long without causing any discomfort. The product comes with 1 pair of Earbuds.

Price, Availability, and Warranty

ASP TWS 615 Earbuds comes at an MRP of Rs. 999/ – carrying a warranty of 1 year and is readily available for purchase at and dealers across India.

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AMANI is one of India’s best mobile accessories brand with its own online marketplace. They provide lightning deals in a wide range of fashionable mobile accessories. Their products range has Headphones, Earphones, Power Banks, Speakers, Travel chargers and other premium Cables. AMANI is obliged to have millions of satisfied customers across Pan India and looking forward to serve more. For more information, and online shopping please visit

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